Movember Moustache Monikers

Hey, guys, it’s Movember!

I love Movember because it’s a light-hearted way to start conversations about an uncomfortable topic for most guys:  prostate/testicular cancer and mental health.  Too many of my male friends and family have dealt (or are dealing) with prostate cancer or depression, so promoting awareness is important to me.

(Okay, I’ll admit it.  I also love Movember because I have a penchant for men with moustaches.  It’s really a win-win for me.)

Last year I did a full month of posts supporting the Movember movement, so this year I’m dialling it back to one post (or maybe two – not sure yet).  But just to kick things off, I’d like to reiterate some important advice I offered last year: check out ‘Mo’ Advice For Movember’ for a female perspective on which mo’ to grow. (Hint:  Please don’t grow a Kitty-Cat.  Just… don’t, okay?)

This year I planned to write a post on all the many reasons why I love male facial hair, but it turns out most of my reasons are X-rated.  I realize most people don’t expect good taste or restraint from me, but there is such a thing as ‘too much information’, so I scrapped that idea.

You’re welcome.

Instead, I decided to use this as an opportunity for intellectual growth.  So in the spirit of high-minded scholarliness, I offer you some of my favourite moustache monikers:

moustache monikers

On a serious note, to all my male readers:  Guys, please take care of yourselves.  If you’re having trouble with anger or depression, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.  And please get your checkups.  Remember, earlier is easier.

Here are some resources:

Symptoms, risk factors, triggers, and treatments for depression in men

What is the prostate gland and how does it work?

What to expect during a prostate examination

And last but not least:  Guys – remember to use good nutiquette!

* * *

Over to you!  Moustaches:  love ‘em or hate ‘em?

* * *

Woohoo!  Cover art is done for Book 7, ‘Spy, Spy Away’!  Check it out!

31 thoughts on “Movember Moustache Monikers

  1. Haven’t seen my face since 1980. Now I’m afraid to look! Had and got rid of prostate cancer 2 years ago. Got a new knee Friday, so I hope I’m done with maintenance for a while. Thanks for the reminders!


  2. My ex had both, moustache and beard…yea….
    It’s really too bad you can’t share the reasons why you love men’s facial hair!! It would be a totally awesome’s just that sure about it!!

    That list was amazing…taste saver made go eww


  3. Ryane hates my mustache. I’m only allowed to grow it during Movember or i get cut off lol. When im in the field or on course i usually grow one.She says her dad has one and it reminds her of him.


  4. I’m not a huge fan of mustaches, but a little scruff is cute. However, scruff hurts to cuddle, so I encourage my better half to shave frequently (though he has a serious, full Irish beard when he does grow it out).


  5. Love the new book cover, & love my hubby’s goatee! He had just a mustache until a couple of years ago – thought he couldn’t grow a beard of any kind. Have to say it is an enhancement, nod nod wink wink! 👨 Sorry, prob.TMI for early in the day. 😉 Would show a pic but can’t figure that out!😬


      • Waited until hubby got results of ultrasound ( negative, yippee!) yesterday pm, to say he thought he felt a lump a week ago – funny coincidence! Fortunately I guess other bits of male testicle area anatomy can feel suspect, so it is good for men to know the area well, so to speak! Will show him the great video! His Dr. thought he was fine but wanted to be sure. Of course, we females should be checking our boobs (oops, I haven’t been remembering, but am not hugely endowed, so hope would be obvious!!). So, ladies, feel yourselves up too! 😊


        • Whew, what a relief – I’m so glad everything’s okay! And thanks for the reminder – I was so immersed in writing I forgot to post for breast cancer awareness last month. Grr. Next year…

          Meanwhile, here’s my favourite screening reminder:


        • Stage Zero breast cancer can’t be felt at all, regardless of breast size. My wife’s Dr. found one during my wife’s regular mammography and exam. It was still so small, they probably got it all with the biopsy, but she had the area removed anyway as a precaution. A week’s radiation therapy, and still all clear after three years. Thanks to early detection, she’s still the same beautiful, perky, well-endowed lady she’s always been. And we’re celebrating our 44th anniversary next week. The wedding one, that is. The first-date one was 48 years ago in July. Don’t take chances. Check early, check often. No kidding. Now back to your regularly-scheduled hilarity. 🙂


  6. I love mustaches. Sometimes even facial hair, IF, it is trimmed and sculpted. Shaggy beards and thick, droopy mustaches together is a definite turn off. The Clark Gable type mustache is a good example. The Teddy Roosevelt, nah, too much. I worked for a design draftsman once, from Madrid, Spain. I had to mark blueprints for him and couldn’t help but stare at the man as he had the most sculpted and gorgeous beard I had ever seen. Yep, some are good. OH! The video clip was priceless! Excellent message and done perfectly.
    BTW, love the cover to #7 and like others I am more than ready for the next installment. Ahhh, be still my heart. lol


  7. I’d love to grow a thick beard. We’re talking facial forest here. Alas, my face grows hair like my back yard grows lawn. Bits and clumps here and there. It’s ugly. Thus, I favor polite society (and the rest of you) with my manly visage sans fur. You’re welcome. Really. 🙂


      • I used to have a nice mustache! No kidding, I’d forgotten about that totally! Did I shave it off? Nope. Peeled it off and sold it to an Army buddy! Yep, several of us bought fake mustaches from the Army post barber who sold theatrical makeup and such. I looked great, but my brand new bride at the time (yep, my first wife and my current wife are the same person) didn’t like it. I hated to see it go, but it was a small sacrifice to keep the peace. 🙂


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