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Critters vs. Me

So, it finally happened:  The local critters have ganged up on me. Last week I had rolled our garbage carts out to the curb and retreated to the house to wash my hands and grab my morning cup of tea to enjoy on our front porch.  About fifteen minutes later, I heard the distinctive sound … Continue reading Critters vs. Me


Well, it’s that time of the book cycle again:  The days after releasing a book when the busy hamster that powers my brain is still churning his little legs frantically, but there’s a big sadistic hand preventing the hamster-wheel from turning.  My poor brain-hamster dashes up the side of the unmoving wheel only to plop … Continue reading Hamster-Brain

Only In Canada…

Okay, I’m officially old. When I titled this post, I was thinking back to this Red Rose Tea advertisement: I wasn’t particularly surprised to find it on YouTube because after all, you can find pretty much everything on YouTube. But then I looked at the date: 1977. Holy shit, that was 44 years ago. And … Continue reading Only In Canada…

Dinosaurs and Unicorns, Oh My!

You know how modern science can now determine how much Neanderthal DNA we have in us? Well, I’ve got a new revelation for them: Apparently I have dinosaur and unicorn DNA. I determined this through rigorous scientific investigation, of course: I studied my own hair follicles. As you may have heard, some dinosaurs probably had … Continue reading Dinosaurs and Unicorns, Oh My!

The Big Drop

Guess what I did last week? If you guessed ‘skydiving’, you’re right… and oh-so-wrong. Yes, I got trussed into a tandem skydiving harness by Gord from Skydive Vancouver Island. But that’s as far as it went; although I did have a moment of panic when he finished tightening the harness and said, “So, we’ll be … Continue reading The Big Drop

It Fell From The Sky

Several months ago, before there was snow on the ground (yes, we had snow; stop laughing), I looked out the front window one morning and saw a rabbit’s foot. Clearly not a lucky one, since it had been recently detached from the rabbit. I’ve never been squeamish, but I have to admit that being confronted … Continue reading It Fell From The Sky


Last week I acquired a hobby I never wanted, and certainly don’t enjoy: Ant-watching. It wasn’t my idea. Hubby made me do it. Ants creep me out, so you can imagine how (not) thrilled I was last year when a platoon of ants infiltrated the second floor of our house. Soon the upstairs was dotted … Continue reading Ant-Watching

Exercising My Options

Exercise always seems like such a good idea. Medical professionals say it’s vital to our health; beauty magazines tell us it’s vital for our appearance; mental health experts say it boosts our mood; hell, it’s even supposed to improve our sex lives. So regular exercise is a no-brainer, right? It’ll make me feel look, look … Continue reading Exercising My Options

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