Every now and then, things go awry.  Oh, who am I kidding?  When I’m involved, things frequently go awry.  Here are a few of the high points:

‘Scuse me while I stick this cardboard gun up my own ass. And please tell me that’s my hand and not a giant schlong hanging out the front of my jeans…  Apparently I have a gift for twisting my body into poses that make a photographer (and everybody else) go “WTF?!?”

From “…And That’s My Cover Story”.  Click here to get the whole story

 werewolf  Even my reflection won’t behave!

From “Automotive Heaven Can Wait”.  Click here to get the whole story

 diane laughing  Would you trust this woman with a firearm?

5 responses to “Bloopers

  1. Markus J.



  2. I love that you’ve shared these and have a bloopers site! If we can’t laugh at ourselves, there is something seriously wrong. In the bad way. 😉


  3. Karen

    Hehe love the bloopers, and even if they aren’t perfect you still look great Diane


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