I’m Such A Fashionista

Off to the mall with friends today, and the best part is:  I don’t need anything! I plan to buy nothing but food and drink.  I think we can all be thankful for that…



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16 responses to “I’m Such A Fashionista

  1. I know what you mean – when I go clothes shopping I usually seem to come away with books and tea cups, but nothing wearable!


  2. LOL! I have a bad attitude about shopping, too. Well, unless it involves a book store.


  3. Well..I like your fashion…it’s a nice balance of what looks like tartan (??) and polkadots..I mean seriously…it takes a certain sort of woman with class and confidence to carry that hat and bag.. 😀


  4. mandy

    Can relate. I hate shopping and as a seriously bad attitude about having to go


  5. I hear you. When I go to the mall, it’s in and out. Get what I came for and then flee!


  6. LynnB

    BOY, can I relate! BWAAAHAAAAHAAA!!!

    If you only knew!!! :)))


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