31 thoughts on “Real Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

  1. Just happened to think back…..waaaaaay back. Anyone remember when after Pres. Kennedy, here in the U.S. (of course, duh me) was killed? The tabloids came out and said that he wasn’t dead, just being hidden away because he was terribly disfigured. A co-worker of mine use to carry the National Enquirer in to work each day like it was the bible itself. She was convinced they were telling the truth and no one could convince her otherwise. Wouldn’t have been so bad except I was working for the Dept. of Education at the time and she was in a management position. Life can be so cruel sometimes. No wonder I lose myself in books. {{{ lol! }}}


      • LOL! Hard to tell as she was about 12 years older than me at the time. Considering I’m pretty much in the “Crone” stage, she’s most likely gone on to the next level by now. She also believed that aliens had impregnated a lot of us humans, and that actual wolves had raised a flock of human children, she got pretty tedious around lunch time. hahaha
        BTW, saw the response about book 7 (along with more?) I’m salivating at the mere thought of more “Spy” stories. I am anxiously waiting. Bless you.


  2. Well, I find the crap on the supermarket tabloid headlines generally more truthful and certainly more relevant and informative than the crap in the Congressional Record and the evening news. That’s not saying a whole lot, though. 🙂

    But may I say how excited I am that not only is Book 7 getting closer to my hot little hands every day, but a release timeframe for BOOK 8 is listed along with a heads up on Book 9!! This is great news indeed!’ This is even hotter news than Kim K being caught in that love nest in the Poconos with the Brazillian National Soccer Team. Again. 🙂


    • Wait, the Brazilian National Soccer Team?!?
      Oh, sorry, let me refocus…

      Wow, you’re observant – I just posted the book updates last night! Yes, Book 8 is well underway in my head, and I have a vague plotline for Book 9. I’m not giving myself permission to actually start writing Book 8 until Book 7 is out the door, though. It’s an addiction worse than Halloween candy… 😉


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