What Colour Is The Sky In Your World?

We’re travelling again this week, so my usual routine is off-kilter.  Normally I write the draft for my posts on Monday, but Monday night rolled around and I hadn’t gotten to it yet.  So I said to Hubby, “Tomorrow morning I need to write a draft first thing.”

And he replied, “Ah, leave it.  You can pull it together in a few minutes tomorrow night.”

So I suggested that maybe he’d like to write today’s post for me if he thought it was such a quick and easy task.

“That’s a great idea,” says he.  “Then I can tell everybody how I do all the research for every single one of your books…”

At which point we both burst out laughing and I inquired, “And what colour is the sky in your world?”

Hubby is my go-to guru for the latest weapons and network information, and my trusted sounding board for plausibility whenever I invent new technology.  He’s also my first beta reader, unerringly sniffing out inconsistencies in voice and narrative.  But “doing all the research” may be an ever-so-teeny-tiny exaggeration.  The sky in his world is definitely a different colour than mine.

For instance, in Hubby’s fantasy world:

  • Garlic does not exist, and any attempt to create it or anything that resembles it is punishable by full immersion in a vat of Listerine.
  • There are no speed limits on any road.
  • Raisins are not allowed in butter tarts or cinnamon buns.
  • All mechanical devices are assembled using only common, currently available tools and fasteners.
  • The outside temperature never dips below freezing or rises above 25C/77F. Special exceptions are made for ski hills, which are permitted to maintain a temperature no lower than -5C/23F.

While in my fantasy world:

  • Mosquitos, ticks, and other blood-sucking, disease-bearing creatures do not exist.
  • Our skin is immune to sunburn and cancer.
  • Our bodies select whatever nutrition they need from anything we eat, and flag everything else through the system as ‘recreational calories, not to be absorbed’.
  • Teleporters exist: handy-dandy booths all over the world so we can instantly pop in wherever we want and go home when we’re done.
  • Salespeople who lie to their customers choke on their tongues and die, and go immediately and directly to hell. (No, I’m still not over my car-shopping experience; why do you ask?)
  • Come to think of it, that last one applies to anybody in a position of authority who lies. Gonna be a whole lotta chokin’ goin’ on…

Anyway, I’m hoping Hubby will allow me a special dispensation to exist in his world, but that might be asking too much.  He may decide to prohibit me and my garlic-breath entirely, and just pop over to visit in my world instead.  But as long as he’s still my Hubby, it’s all good – we’ll enjoy the sky in our own little world whatever colour it may be!

What are the rules in your fantasy world?

P.S. My internet access is sporadic today so I might be a little slower than usual responding to comments, but I’ll check in whenever I can.  ‘Talk’ to you soon!

* * *

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49 thoughts on “What Colour Is The Sky In Your World?

  1. My fantasy world is pretty mundane. Decent roads throughout Ukraine; an end to all corruption; all criminals in jail; an end to Russian aggression; decent salaries, decent pensions; decent job opportunities especially for young people; good health care; good honest western (European, NOT American) education at all levels. For me, all I ask is reliable internet. Other than that I have all I need.
    This reminds me of the joke where God says, “Do you want two lanes or four?”

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  2. My sky is the perfect, clear, vibrant color of blue!!!! And rules change according to my whims!!!! 😀 BTW….I do live there quite nicely with myself and the dog. We do get visitors from time to time, mostly my husband, but he already knew I was ‘special’!!! LOL

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  3. Imagine that wife and husband might see things a bit differently. In our house we are always on the same page. Cough, laugh, snort.

    I’d be happy with no snow, no squirrels or mice trying their best to find suitable housing in vents would also make me happy. 🙂

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  4. In my world ice cream and chocolate are a food group with beneficial calories and can be consumed at any meal.
    Mosquitos, ear wigs and snakes do not exist.
    And yes I love the idea of teleporters. However I would get no work done as I would be too busy traveling!
    Grass would never need mowing.
    I do agree with your husband that raisins are not allowed in butter tarts or cinnamon buns. (Don’t like squishy things in tarts or cinnamon buns).
    I would be forever skinny ( you did say this was a fantasy world!)

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    • I already consider ice cream to be a food group with beneficial calories – after all, it’s dairy, and dairy is healthy, right? And chocolate is full of flavonoids and antioxidants that benefit our immune system. Totally healthy. 😉

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      • I suppose chocolate ice cream is double blessed as it has eggs, dairy, and all those beneficial flavonoids and antioxidants. So much good in a single spoonful.
        I wouldn’t mind living in a world the color of Shirley’s sky even though I don’t know what an ear wig is or if I’m in need of an ear toupee or not.

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  5. I share one rule with your husband – no garlic. And I share one rule with you – instant teleportation to any destination.

    Also, no smoking, no puking, no cruelty to animals and that includes to our fellow humans.

    Hope you have a great vacation! (That IS why you’re travelling, is it not?)

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  6. In my world, most everything is purple, blue or grey. I am a singer in a hard rock band and am, of course, rich from it. But I’m only famous when I wanna be. I live on the beach where the water is around 85 degrees and the weather is whatever I want, EVERY DAY. My dogs are gonna live until they’re around 50 in people years so I don’t outlive them. And, I have perfect health. Plus, everyone remembers to say please and thank you.

    And after reading the other Karen’s post, I think I need to meet her. Are we clones?

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    • I think it’s a ‘Karen thing’ my parents met a girl in Spain about 6yrs ago a?so called Karen, who my mum reckons is just like me, her mobility scooter is purple.
      She is about 4yrs younger than me, I turn 38 next month so maybe we get a similar karen every few years, there could be squillions of similar Karen’s out there. Im always happy to meet people.
      I got to meet Spanish Karen a few years back, she’s actually English but lives in Spain, we get on great, I have been out twice to see her, and that reminds me, I just email her to see if we can catch up in march when I’m out there

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    • That’s funny – you two must be clones! 🙂 And I like the sound of your world, too, @KarenL – convenient fame and long-lived pets sounds perfect for me! (And if you let me visit, I promise to cheer loudest at your concerts.)

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  7. My sky is blue, cobalt blue, with pure white thunderheads on that horizon that tower many miles above those mountains while I’m smoothing along on soft air and oh yeah, with full tanks of gas. Was that a “run on ”

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  8. Like your rules and will need some serious reflection to come up with rules for my own Brigadoon. You might reconsider your last rule. That would mean every soul living in Washington DC would keel over like roaches in the insecticide commercials. It would immeasurably improve the country but the stench would be unbearable. That kind of refuse is particularly odious. It probably wouldn’t be habitable for longer than Love Canal.

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  9. my Sky would obviously be purple, and I have to say I want wings
    chocolate wouldn’t be fattening ever
    I would get paid for working at home (yes I do now but I wouldn’t have to do much)
    Id have a nice hubby, and maybe a couple of rugrats but that might be pushing it a touch

    garlic would be compulsory in everything coz I love it sooo much (another pleasure of working at home hehe)

    will think on and maybe add a few more but my stomach just rumbled and expected for tea at a friends and I’m providing the chippy tea

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