It’s All About The Journey…


Just flew in from the States last night and got home at 2:00 AM. *yawn*



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21 responses to “It’s All About The Journey…

  1. Have Mercy! If there were ever words to live by……..those are them!


  2. Ahahahahaha! And you know what?! I totally agree with you…that’s where discernment comes in I suppose…when to know it’s not all about the blasted journey, especially in tiny economy seat plane rides in what feels like a sardine packed plane 😛


  3. I wish there really was a beam-me-up machine. Getting from A to B in a matter of seconds. Wouldn’t that be great!


  4. If one’s headed to a sunny beach then the destination wins hands down. 🙂


  5. Lynn B.

    Now THAT’S funny! Been there, etc… :))


  6. It is indeed, Diane. Although there’s always something of the journey that will remain with you forever more!


  7. They say that about salvation too….


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