“OMG! I am in Paris and I started to read book 1 last night before bed. Went to sleep but woke up at 3am to read more. I’m hooked. Fabulous writing.”

Thrillers With Humour And Heart


I got tired of reading stories about middle-aged female characters who sweetly reminisce about their younger years while the twenty-somethings have all the fun.  I’m not going to stop having adventures just because I’m over… okay, well over forty.  Okay, fine; over… never mind. I’m old(er), not dead.

That’s why I created a kickass, foul-mouthed middle-aged bookkeeper who gets sucked into a spy’s life.  If you like fast-paced action with some laughs along the way, my books are for you.  I hope you enjoy them!

Diane Henders

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Book 18 of the NEVER SAY SPY series is under way!

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Book 1:  Never Say Spy

Complete e-book available for free!

~ 60 months in the Kindle Top 100 Free ~

Despite her fondness for weapons and ripe language, middle-aged Aydan Kelly’s résumé reads ‘bookkeeper’, not ‘badass’.   She’s leaving the city to fulfill her dream of country living when she gets carjacked by a man who shouldn’t exist.

When RCMP officer John Kane kills her captor, Aydan hopes her troubles are over; but Kane’s investigation implicates her in a techno-espionage plot.  Criminal charges become the least of her worries when she finds herself in the crosshairs of the same dangerous group Kane suspects her of aiding.

Armed with only her analytical mind, a warped sense of humour, and a penchant for profanity, Aydan faces off against international spies and an RCMP officer who’s not what he seems.

Pity her enemies.  Because nobody’s tougher than a middle-aged woman who wants her dream back.

“Fierce and funny – this spy thriller keeps you clinging to the edge of your seat even while you laugh.” 

Now available as an audiobook

Book 2: The Spy Is Cast

When a clandestine government agency recruits middle-aged bookkeeper Aydan Kelly, she overcomes her fear and agrees to go undercover at a lavish gala affair.  But the glamour of the mission fades fast when she finds herself astride a motorcycle, assigned to an all-male surveillance team.

Aydan discovers spies are using classified technology to torture information from their captives.  Worse, they know she’s breached their security.  Now she has to prevent them from revealing her true identity, while avoiding capture by the vicious criminals who won’t hesitate to torture her, too.

“I feel like I’ve just finished a wild ride on an overpowered motorcycle – I’m exhausted, shaky and totally exhilarated.”

Now available as an audiobook

Book 3: Reach For The Spy

Middle-aged bookkeeper Aydan Kelly never wanted to moonlight as a spy, but she doesn’t have a choice.  Working with computer networks in a secured building sounds safe, but it turns out the job’s a killer – literally.

When Aydan’s trusted co-worker is shot while committing an apparently treasonous act, Aydan embarks on a secret mission to clear his name.  But her investigation casts suspicion on the director of operations himself.  If he’s a double agent, Aydan’s in more danger than she ever imagined… and national security hangs in the balance.

“More action, turns and twists, great character development, and one hell of a fun read.”

Now available as an audiobook

Book 4: Tell Me No Spies

Aydan Kelly has reluctantly accepted her unwanted role as a part-time spy.  It’s painful and dangerous, but she’s willing to make the sacrifice for the good of her country.  Too bad her country doesn’t have the same honourable intentions.

When Aydan discovers the government murdered her husband, the betrayal drives her on a quest to uncover the truth.  Living as a fugitive, alienated from the people she once trusted, she has to evade both government agents and the violent criminals who will sell her to the highest bidder.

“Literary crack – I’m so hooked on this series!”

Now available as an audiobook

Book 5: How Spy I Am

In her work with a clandestine government agency, Aydan Kelly stumbles across a shadowy consortium of scientists whose members are selling classified information for personal profit.

Aydan wants to report them, but there’s a small complication:  her supposedly dead husband… isn’t.  He wants to rendezvous with her, but he could be working with the consortium.  If she rats on the scientists, her husband will die.  But if she doesn’t, the consortium will kill her…

“The main character is one of my top three favorites of any book I have ever read.”

Soon to be released as an audiobook

Book 6: A Spy For A Spy

Aydan Kelly’s part-time job with a clandestine government organization just got a lot more complicated.  Forced to lie to save her lover’s career, she tells the director she’s an experienced secret agent.  He believes her… and assigns her to a dangerous mission.

When Aydan realizes innocent lives are at stake, she tries to confess her deception, but it’s already too late.  Cut off from the Department and used as a pawn in the vengeful schemes of an obsessed spy, she must stop him before he destroys the people she loves.

“The way she makes you feel like you’re wearing the skin of her characters is truly amazing. This gave me goose bumps!”

Book 7: Spy, Spy Away

Middle-aged bookkeeper Aydan Kelly knew pretending to be an experienced secret agent was a bad idea, but it was the only way to protect her lover.  Now her lies have caught up to her in the worst possible way:  everyone believes them.

Armed with nothing but a sleazy porn-star cover identity, Aydan must infiltrate a criminal organization to retrieve a secret weapon prototype.  With her lover’s life at stake as well as her own, she can’t afford to fail.  But she has no idea how to succeed…

“Nail biting, tear shedding, heart wrenching, humor in all the right places. I mean, WHEW!”

Book 8: Spy Now, Pay Later

Railroaded into acting as a secret agent, Aydan Kelly only wants to return to her peaceful former existence.  But when trusted co-workers go missing along with a deadly weapon prototype, she’s forced to take over the investigation to protect them from an agent with a personal vendetta.

And when a violent criminal organization abducts her lover, Aydan discovers exactly how far she’s willing to push the limits of her new role.  The bad guys are about to learn an important lesson:  Don’t piss off a middle-aged bookkeeper.

“…awesome… I can not sleep until I finish the book. Then I want to read it again.”

Book 9: Spy High

After four uneventful months spent guarding her boss’s eccentric hippy parents on an isolated raincoast commune, bookkeeper-turned-secret-agent Aydan Kelly is beginning to hope mildewed undies will be the only hazard she’ll face.

But some of the blissed-out flower children are not what they seem.  Aydan discovers a plot to kill her lovable charges, and in her fight to protect them she unearths the commune’s deepest secret.  Suddenly she’s facing dozens of enemies who threaten the lives of all the innocent commune members as well as her own.

She’ll only survive with a little help from her friends…

“Each character is so well defined that you can’t help but know them as if they were old friends, or enemies…”

Book 10: Spy Away Home

Bookkeeper-turned-secret-agent Aydan Kelly has barely begun to relax after her last mission when a shotgun-wielding man kicks in the front door of her country home. She doesn’t recognize the would-be assassin, so who hired him and why?

As evidence mounts against her abrasive co-worker, Aydan begins a deadly game of cat and mouse with herself as bait. If her suspicions are correct, the Department’s security has been breached and no one is safe.

With the lives of her dearest friends at risk as well as her own, Aydan must stop her unknown enemy before the next assassin succeeds.

“…so superbly detailed so that at the end… you feel almost out of breath… An amazing story.”

Book 11: The Spies That Bind

Secret agent Aydan Kelly is hoping to resume her peaceful life as a bookkeeper, until her director issues an ultimatum: Go undercover as an arms dealer or go to jail for life. But when Aydan realizes her co-worker’s son has been taken by a serial killer, she defies orders in an attempt to save the child.

Neglecting her undercover assignment may cost more than just her freedom. When the gunrunner she’s been baiting threatens her loved ones, Aydan must choose between protecting them herself or entrusting their safety to geriatric amateur vigilantes while she closes in on the killer.

How much will she risk for a child who may already be dead?

“…strong characters and quirky humour!! I tried to savor this one, but couldn’t leave it alone.”

Book 12: Kiss And Say Good Spy

Reluctant secret agent Aydan Kelly is posing as an arms dealer when her gangland buyer is implicated in a deadly plot to attack Remembrance Day services.

Partnered with an agent she can’t trust, Aydan races against time to stop the terrorists; but her partner’s volatile temper might blow the whole op… if it doesn’t kill her first.  And when she discovers her lover is embroiled in the case, Aydan must decide:  Will she sacrifice him to save hundreds of innocent lives?

“OMG! Talk about being EXPLOSIVE! I love Ayden!”

Book 13: Once Burned, Twice Spy

Escorting Canada’s top weapons developers to an international summit should be just another stressful day in the life of secret agent Aydan Kelly.  But Aydan’s routine mission becomes a nightmare when she’s accused of an attack on the delegates and the theft of a classified weapon.

As evidence mounts against her, Aydan’s own investigation suggests she might have unconsciously committed the crime.  Burned by her own Department and hunted by MI6, CIA, and FBI, Aydan must decide:  When her own mind might betray her, who can she trust?

“…another breathtaking adventure that defies you to quit turning the pages.”

Book 14: Friends In Spy Places

Secret agent Aydan Kelly’s supposedly-dead mother Nora has resurfaced after thirty years, and the chain of command suspects her of treason.  With only two weeks before Nora leaves the country under diplomatic immunity, Aydan struggles to piece together her mother’s questionable past.

Two days into Aydan’s investigation Nora announces she’s leaving early, and Aydan’s director gives her an ultimatum:  Solve the case before Nora escapes, or face imprisonment for dereliction of duty.  Meanwhile, an unknown enemy is stalking Aydan’s friends and the threats are escalating.

When time runs out and prison walls loom, claustrophobic Aydan must make an unthinkable choice: Sacrifice her friends, or lose her freedom forever.

“…nail-biting suspense, cliff-hanging peril…with an ample dollop of dry wit and rib-tickling humor…”

Book 15: A Spy For Help

Off-duty secret agent Aydan Kelly knows she shouldn’t interfere when her lover finally locates his long-lost sister, but she’s afraid Arnie’s too upset to stay on the right side of the law.

Arnie’s sister has been outed in a social media firestorm, and threats against her escalate to a violent attack.  Aydan and Arnie rush to her rescue, only to discover she’s being targeted by a powerful crime lord from her unsavory past.  As danger mounts, Aydan realizes Arnie will do anything to save his sister… including murder.

Caught between love and legality, Aydan faces an unthinkable choice:  Risk her career and freedom by turning a blind eye to Arnie’s deadly plan, or save the crime lord and condemn Arnie to prison and his sister to death.

“…faster action than a James Bond book/movie and as much heart as Debbie Macomber!”

Book 16: Spy In The Sky

When secret agent Aydan Kelly investigates a disgraced CIA agent, he insists he was only following orders.  Four days later he mysteriously dies while in custody.

Aydan suspects that a CIA director killed him to hide a profitable connection with an international arms dealer.  As she digs deeper, Aydan knows she’s on the right track when assassins start trying to kill her.  But when the arms dealer deposits twenty million dollars in her bank account, suspicion veers toward Aydan.

With only three days left before she’s jailed for treason, Aydan fights to stay alive, capture the elusive arms dealer, and clear her name.

“…the twists and the speed of this episode made me say “OMG” several times out loud…”

Book 17: Live And Let Spy

Secret agent Aydan Kelly is investigating an international arms cabal when drive-by shootings target her lovers, her Director, and Aydan herself.  Her trusted informant delivers the chilling news:  All their covers are blown.

The hitmen keep coming… and they seem to know exactly where Aydan and her team will be.  Someone in the Department is betraying them, and Aydan is forced into a deadly race against time.  Can she catch the traitor and stop the cabal before they slaughter the people she loves?

“… outstanding and complex … the story wouldn’t give me a chance to sleep … is un-put-downable a real word?!”

Book 18 is coming!

May 3/23: Wrote two chapters. Deleted two chapters. Rewrote two chapters… hmmm. Can anybody spot an unproductive pattern here? But at least I’ve figured out what went wrong with the story and I’ve fixed the problem, so it should be clear(er) sailing now!

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The “Inappropriate” series is a compilation of selected posts from my blog. Each book contains approximately a year’s worth of posts. None of the books contain anything that’s not available for free on my blog; but if you prefer to have a book in your hand instead of scrolling through text on your computer, these books are for you! 🙂

New Book Notification List

Want to be notified whenever I release a new book? Please click on the button below to join the list.  I’ll email you when a new book is available for pre-order, and again when the book goes live on all retail sites.

I promise to keep your email confidential, and I’ll never spam you. You can unsubscribe anytime. If you signed up for a previous book, you’re still on the list unless you’ve removed yourself or your email address has changed.

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315 thoughts on “Books

  1. Just finished #17 and loved it! In fact, it was so perfect that I’m going to make a suggestion that is sure to get me banned from the blog and stoned by your and Aydan’s fans; #17 is the perfect end to a great series.


    The subplots have been pretty much, or at least satisfactorily, brought to a conclusion.
    Aydan remains or doesn’t remain Director? Ho hum.
    Aydan continues to gush, figuratively and literally, over John and Arnie? Ho hum
    Regardless of what you author next, I look forward to your effort. Just know that, if you strike out in a new direction, at least on of your fans will be wholely supportive.


    • Consider yourself stoned. Just kidding of course. I was worried it was the last one but saw the note about book 18 coming. And there is no way it will be ho hum! 😏


          • Thanks for your concern! 🙂 Everything is okay-ish, but I’m still struggling with the life-changing aspects of my back injury. I can’t work at my desk as long, and I’m not concentrating well because I have to change positions so often. I’ve had to give up a lot of the activities I love, and I’ve cut back my blog posts to once a month in an attempt to get more writing done. I’ve been waiting a year and a half to see a specialist and they say I might get to see him in another 6 months, so I’m still clinging to hope!


    • Hi David –

      Thanks for your comments, and I’m so glad you loved Book 17! I generally oppose censorship, but I decided to redact your description of the resolved plot points — sorry about that. Since the book was only released three days ago, I don’t want to spoil anything for readers who might not have finished it yet.

      You make some good points, and I’m glad you feel satisfied with the series arc. Each time I start another book in the series, I think, “Okay, the next book will be the end of the series.” But… I’ve been thinking that since Book 3, so clearly I have issues. 😉

      I do still have some plot points I’d like to resolve, so there will be a Book 18. I hope I can find ways to keep it from being ho-hum. 🙂 But after that, who knows? “The next book will be the en-” *slaps self*

      I’ve already written several ‘first chapters’ of other books, and I’m waiting for one of them to seize my imagination and run off with it the way Aydan and the gang did. So it’s great to know I have your support for new projects — thank you!


      • Oops! I never thought about being a spoiler! Maybe that’s why you are an author and I’m a scribbler? My apologies for that faux pas.
        I, too, hope one of your ideas, or perhaps a totally new one, takes off for you/us. Your writing style has really grabbed my attention; did so in the first Kindle Unlimited book and has continued in every volume since, so I expect great things from you. That includes more Aydan and crew, too.
        Not bragging here, but I read in excess of 200 books a year and have done so for more than 55 years. In fiction, there are only a few authors whom I follow through their series works. Those include David Weber with Honor Harrington and the Safehold series, Elizabeth Moon, David Drake, Sarah Hoyt, Eric Flint and associates in his 1632 universe, and Catherine Asaro. I am quite pleased to put you in that category and rate you right up there with them.
        Happy and successful writing!
        P.S. I was also a great fan of Walter R. Brooks and his Freddy the Pig series when I was a kid, so a grain of salt may be necessary when evaluating my comments.🙄


        • Hey, don’t diss Freddy the Pig. 😉 I read and loved those books as a kid, too. I had forgotten all about them; but I see they’re still for sale on Amazon, so I’ll have to renew my acquaintance. I’m a David Weber/Honor Harrington fan, too, and I’m thrilled to be even mentioned in the same sentence as your list of writers!

          Your reading appetite sounds like mine. Left entirely to my own devices, I’ll read three or four books in a day. But I almost never have a day entirely free, which is actually a good thing — my budget would be in tatters!


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  3. Cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved every single one of the SPY series and just now ordered Book #15. Hard to put them down without devouring the entire book. Love the characters! Will be looking forward to obtaining every single new one you write. Thank you!


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  7. Started with Book 1 Found it a bit boring but a bit interesting so I figured I would try Book 2..I have not stopped since just finishing Book 15..Great stories, great characters, great suspense, great love THANK YOU A truly amazing experience getting to know Aydan, John,Arnie,Charles and all the people of a brilliant writer..If you keep doing it I will still be reading it AMAZING


  8. Hi really liked this book
    I hate it when there is constant termoil for ayden
    This one was great
    I hope she takes over the business
    And she owns it keeps Stemp and incorporates
    His mother and father
    And get rid of dermott
    And ayden never has to go downstairs again
    This book gave me hope:)


    • Hi Barb! It’s great to hear that you loved Book 15! The “off-duty” scenario was a bit different than the previous books andI wasn’t sure whether readers would miss the usual techo-spy stuff. I’m glad you enjoyed the change of pace. There’s always hope! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!


  9. My cousin and I love to find new authors and share them with each other. When she found this series and told me about them, I started with #1 And just finished with the last one. I couldn’t put them down. Y
    Thank you so much for your stories. I have just become your Biggest fan.
    P.S. When is your next Spy Novel?


    • Hi Roxanna — it’s awesome to “meet” my biggest fan! 🙂 It makes my day to hear that you enjoyed Aydan and the gang.

      Book 16 is in the plotting stages, and it’ll likely be finished around the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. That’s how my writing schedule has been for the past couple of books, but if all goes well I might be able to finish earlier. I’ll be posting progress notes on this page and at the end of each blog post every couple of weeks, starting this Wednesday (July 8). Stay tuned…

      Thank you so much for dropping by to comment, and many thanks to your cousin, too, for recommending the Never Say Spy series!


  10. Loved all of them. Just finished #14. Wow, roller coaster rides have nothing on your plots and characters. I am 74 and get so bored with the very young female spies. Aydan is perfect. I started a new career when I was 46 and had a lot of angst like she does. Can really relate to her. Read all the series in 10 days. Yep, housework had to wait, lol. Thank you for a great series.


    • You’re welcome, Jackie — I’m pumped that you loved the series enough to blast through it like that! Starting a new career at 46 does come with its own special brand of angst, doesn’t it? Been there… 😉

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment — your lovely compliments made my day!


  11. I fell in love with this series from book 1! I love the twists and turns; especially feeling empathy with Aydan. I love pretending to be her when reading. I can’t wait to see the next adventure.


    • Thanks, Patt — that’s so great to hear! I get immersed in Aydan while writing her, too. Sometimes that’s a lot of fun; other times it’s a little scary. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  12. I started the series a little over a week ago. I have just finished book 14. I couldn’t put the series down. Thank for the escape from the trials of today’s grind. When is book 15 coming out?


    • Hi Kathryn! Wow, you devoured the series — I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Book 15 has had a slow start during an insanely busy summer, but I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with it now. I’d LOVE to release it in time for Christmas; but unless the stars align exactly, it will likely be early next year. I’ll continue to post my progress on this page, so stay tuned!


  13. I truly enjoy this series. Wish I could slow down in ready so they would last longer but I’m a have to know kind of girl,so I can’t put it down because there always so good. THANK YOU for sharing your talent with all of us.


    • It’s great to hear that you’re loving the series! There will definitely be a Book 15. After that, I’m not sure. I’ve never had a set-in-stone ‘vision’ for the series — I had originally thought it would only be three books. Then six. Then Book 8 was going to be the last one. Then… well, you get the picture. So I won’t make any promises, but I’ve still got lots of ideas! 🙂


  14. Since the first chapter of the first book, I have been hooked. It has taken me 2 and a half weeks to get through all 14 and I can not wait for the next one to come out! I absolutely love the series and your writing and I am so glad I stumbled upon these books. Happy writing!


    • Wow, you really blew through those books! That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been loving the series. I love writing it, so every writing day is ‘happy writing’ for me. 🙂

      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me — your encouragement means a lot! I’m off to work on Book 15 now…


  15. I am sooo hooked on this series. I am hopelessly in love with your characters and the ever changing plot lines. I can’t put it down once I start reading, and then I instantly click on the next book. This is more than 5 stars. It’s out of the park 10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, steamy, sexy, and riveting stories. I love them all equally and can’t wait for the next installment. Thank you for continuing the series!! Feel free to use any or all of these comments!


    • Thank you so much, Karen! 😀 I love writing about Aydan and the gang, and it makes my day to hear that you love reading about them. I can hardly wait to start Book 15 — it’s been clamouring in my brain, and your encouragement makes me even more eager to start!

      It means a lot to me that you took the time to drop by and comment — thanks again!


  16. Once again many hours of lost sleep caused by the “Just one more chapter” syndrome. Like the previous 13 books in the series, this one combines suspense, humour and total unpredictability into a very readable work of genius. I can’t wait for book 15.


    • Thank you, Barrie! I’m sorry you lost some sleep, but I’m glad it was because of Book 14. 🙂 I’m hoping to start 15 very soon, so stay tuned…

      I really appreciate your kind words — thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment!


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  18. OhMGee.. 🙂 Barnes and Noble (for E-Books) has dedicated a special window just for me..I was buying a book a day (fast reader) of your Spy series. I was begining to think your were going to keep us on tenderhooks forever but got some relief after #13..Identities revealed!! Thank you. I am 76 and my patience has pretty much dried up. #9, for some reason, is my favorite so far. Appeared Aydan got more rest. Yes, I am waiting for #14 so get on it girl…Life is uncertain.


    • LOL! I’m on it! (It might be a little while, though.) 😉

      I’m pumped that #9 is your favourite – to tell the truth, I having a sneaking fondness for it, too (but don’t tell my other books). Maybe it’s because I had so much fun writing Moonbeam and Karma and Skidmark for the first time in #9. Getting to know Stemp’s off-the-wall parents made him seem so much more human.

      Thank you for taking the time to come by and comment – I appreciate your encouragement! 🙂


  19. Just discovered this series last week, so I’m just on book 8. Obviously I’m really enjoying it but I really, really, really, really want her to end up with Kane! And more Stemp. He’s an interesting character.


  20. I had finished #13 and decided to start over with #1 and am glad I did. Have found enough “forgotten” details in the books that it is almost like reading a new series.

    Your description of “Stemp” has me picturing John Hillerman who played Higgins on Mangum PI years ago. All the character descriptions create images that one can see in their mind. Try and keep Aydan and her crew out of trouble, but I guess that would take some of the fun out of our reading and your writing. Love the fact that most of the characters seem to be at least 45 and up and still going strong. Their various “adventures” seem more possible than imagining a 25 0 30 having them.


    • Hi Drae! I’m pumped that you found the series held up to re-reading! As the series progresses I have to be careful to recall all those little details to make sure I don’t slip up with continuity – always a challenge.

      It’s cool that you see the characters in your mind’s eye. Higgins would have made a good Stemp! 🙂 I enjoy writing middle-aged characters for the exact reason you mention: They’re so much more complex and interesting, and much more inclined to perceive shades of gray where a younger person would see only black and white.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by and comment!


  21. Really love this woman. The author and “spy” woman. I would give it 5 stars but for some reason amazon wont let post a review. Some garbage about having a connection to product or author. I am just an 83 year old who knows what she likes to read. So you just keep fussin and cussin and I will keep reading.


    • Thank you so much for trying to post a review, Barbara! I don’t know what notion Amazon takes to block people for no apparent reason. I know they’re trying to prevent scammers from leaving fake reviews; but they often go on witch hunts and block innocent people, too. I’m sorry that happened to you, but I really appreciate that you tried.

      And I’m thrilled that you loved the book (and Aydan, and me as an author). 😀 Thanks again!


  22. I love Diane’s writing! So full of humor and action with unexpected turns around every corner. And her appreciation for slightly older heroines is very refreshing. Please keep writing as fast as you can . . .l


  23. You just keep throwing more guys into the mix for Aydan to *ahem* . (Kane, Hellhound, Tom, Orion, Blue Eddy, Chow, ????)


  24. I loved book 13! Tension love tension love and happy endings (or at least a respite until book 14)! Can’t wait to read the next adventure!!


    • I’m so glad you loved Book 13, Beth – that makes my day! 😀 I’m eager to get started on Book 14, too. I’ve already started plotting it, so I hope to post some progress on this page soon!


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