Pickles, Peeves, And Daniel Craig

It’s been one of those weeks.  I’ve been trying to fit ten days of work into seven, and my brain has rebelled.  I knew I was in trouble a couple of nights ago when I dreamed of Daniel Craig.

That might sound like the quintessential female fantasy; but it wasn’t… because of the pickles.  Yes, I dreamed that Daniel Craig was plying me with a plethora of pickled cucumbers.

Freud would nod sagely and point out the phallic significance.  Normally I’d snicker and agree; but the truth is that I’ve been inundated with cucumbers lately, to the point where I’m even dreaming about them.  The garden is going crazy, and every second day I lug in a basket of strawberries, a basket of cucumbers, a basket of tomatoes, and a basket of corn.  And now the beans have found their second wind, too (no pun intended).

Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled that our garden is doing so well.  But I’m also a teensy bit overwhelmed, which means the chances of me writing a coherent blog post this week are somewhere between ‘Nil’ and ‘Not a chance in hell’.

So instead, here are a couple of random thoughts that flitted through my mind this week:

I love food, cooking, and eating; but some days the futility of it nearly brings me to my knees.  I spend SO MUCH TIME (and money and energy) acquiring food, preparing it, eating it, and cleaning up afterward… and four or five hours later I do it all again.  And again.  Repeat the next day, and the next, ad infinitum.  And it all ends up in the toilet anyway.  Wouldn’t you think we’d have found a better solution by now?

And one of my pet peeves:  Stinky soap in public washrooms.  Seriously, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, and MacDonald’s:  Can’t you buy hand soap that doesn’t reek like some unholy combination of burnt transmission fluid, old gym socks, and rotting flowers?  You post big signs reminding everyone to wash their hands, and then you provide hand soap that nobody wants anywhere near their skin.

But… kudos to the PetroCanada at the corner of 17th Street and Cliffe Avenue in Courtenay, BC – their soap smells nice.  And BIG props to the Flying J truck stop on Portage Avenue in Headingly, MB for providing GoJo mechanic’s hand cleaner in the women’s washroom – hooray!

Despite my pickles and peeves, I’ve had some wins this week, too:  Our bookshelves are finally finished, woohoo! It’s been nearly two years since I last saw my beloved books. Thanks for all your hard work, Hubby!


The tomatoes have been FABULOUS. That’s one sammich-worthy slice! (This is the heritage variety ‘Brandywine’ – definitely the flavour winner this year.)

Book 14 update:  It was a busy week, but I still managed to get to Chapter 13.  Poor Kane is discovering that fatherhood can be a dirty job…

25 thoughts on “Pickles, Peeves, And Daniel Craig

  1. I went down the cucumber road before you mentioned it….the bookcases look incredible…worth the wait!! I know the garden routine has food coming at you fast and furious, but fresh garden food has not comparison!!!


    • You’re right – it’s delicious! I just ate one of my Sweet Beauty watermelons – YUM! So sweet and juicy!

      And I’m pleased to hear that you immediately went down the cucumber road – nice to know I’m fulfilling expectations. 😉

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  2. It sounds like it only do you have green thumbs but green hands. Fresh produce is fantastic but oh the work. The bookshelves look marvellous. Hoping this week has the right number of days.


    • Thanks, Sue! The garden is a lot of work, but it’s so worth it to eat fresh delicious produce all summer long; and then to enjoy the canned and frozen goodies throughout the winter. As always with me, it comes down to the yumminess of food… 😉


  3. I see you have a book on smoking salmon and trout. I have tried and tried, but I just can’t keep them lit.
    Very nice shelves, btw, but I do hope the support under them is substantial. That is quite a library!
    You can have a cucumber sandwich party and sneak the extra cucumbers into your guests cars when they aren’t looking.


    • “…just can’t keep them lit” – LOL!

      The weight of the books is actually less of a concern than it was earlier – before, all the boxes were piled up in one dormer so the whole gazillion pounds were sitting on about 4 or 5 floor joists. Now the load is distributed across about 18 joists, which is much better… but now that the load is gone from that area of the upstairs, our main floor has developed a loud squeak below where the books used to be. I probably don’t want to analyze that too closely…


  4. what if Daniel Craig smelled like brunt transmission fluid? I know a few guys who smell like brunt transmission fluid, but never knew they made soap like that. Maybe there’s a “Brunt transmission fluid” perfume.

    and if you know what brunt transmission fluid smells like – well that makes me wonder/worry about your experiences with cars. I mean, I’ve brunt my share of transmissions so I know what it takes to generate that particular scent …


    • Burnt transmissions, burnt brakes, the distinctive smell of burnt radiator fluid while it’s being combusted along with gasoline in a cracked block… if it can happen to car I’ve probably smelled it. That’s what comes from a ill-spent youth with a bunch of gearheads who could only afford junkers.

      I’ve been lucky with my own cars – the only severe odour I ever suffered was that ever-so-pungent ‘piece of shit’ odour from a 4-cylinder 1986 Ford Taurus. I only loved that car for its body – the engine was sadly inadequate and ill-designed.

      As to Daniel Craig’s personal cologne, I don’t dare speculate. Let’s just say that if he smells like burnt transmission fluid, in my books he’s still one up on a guy who smells all sweet and flowery. But that’s just me…

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  5. Those bookshelves! Be still, my heart . . . they are gorgeous. The whole room looks wonderful, airy and light.

    That’s a huge tomato! How I wish I could still eat them. That’s a summer flavour if there ever was one.

    I don’t like to discourage your garden, but I hope things slow down a bit for you soon!


    • I was happy/sad to discover that my strawberries were down to only a serving bowl yesterday. Happy because they’re a pain to pick and I already have tons of them in the freezer; but sad because I love strawberries, and it’s just another sign that summer is almost over. The local berry farm owner says his keep producing until November, though, so I might end up heartily sick of strawberries yet!

      And yes, I’m thrilled with the bookshelves! I don’t have much time to read and I do most of my reading on my Kindle anyway, but it’s great to have my old friends near at hand again!


  6. I know what you mean about “prolific” gardens. This year’s wasn’t particularly over the top, but I’ve had them in the past where I never went anywhere without my bag of zucchini, cucumbers, etc. I’d make sure everyone I knew would get some. This year I’ve had enough tomatoes and peppers to freeze and enough cayenne peppers to make up bottles of hot pepper vinegar for our greens and beans, but the okra has just gotten out of hand. Oh well, there’s always next year and the frozen Pic Sweet veggies at the grocery store.


  7. Daniel Craig…? Ooooh-kaaaaay…

    The shelves are beautifully done. Very nice work. Congratulations on checking another big box. And congratulations, too, on the success of your garden Gad, those tomatoes look scrumptious! If it wuz eezy, ennyboddy cud do it. 🙂

    Crazy week? Yep, got a clue. Classes began Monday…and I’m locked out of my online accounts at work. Network glitch, no doubt caused by a massive system changeover. Dunno if I’m the only victim. No computer access to see if the usual level of wailing and gnashing of teeth has escalated. Just sayin’…


    • Locked out of your accounts? Oh, no. That doesn’t bode well for the new year. But hey, your network administrator has undoubtedly emailed you to let you know… um… 😉

      The tomatoes are scrumptious! Daniel Craig, not so much – he’s a good actor but I’ve never had a ‘thing’ for him. Hubby had been watching a James Bond movie right before I went to bed that night, so that’s undoubtedly why he appeared in my dreams. Too bad that strategy never works when I want it to!

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  8. Shocked I thought your books would have made it to a top shelf rather than a bottom.

    Yours are currently bagged up waiting for the move, I can’t wait to get moved and unpack everything not that everything is packed up yet


    • Packing and unpacking is still too fresh in my mind! I was excited to finally get all the books out of boxes, but the boxes themselves were an unpleasant reminder of moving. I’m hoping I don’t have to move again for a few decades (if ever)!

      And that’s sweet of you to recommend my books for a top shelf – thanks! 😀


  9. Love the bookcases they are truly amazing.

    I’d offer a home to some cucumbers but I doubt they will travel well.

    Things are progressing well with the flat, I sign a draft contract on Friday

    Still not well, still not back at work, I see a Dr tomorrow finally so I hope to get somewhere


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