Doing It… Doing It… DONE!

We did it!  Or, to be precise, we’re doing it right at the moment this post is being published.

Wait; get that look off your face!  We’re not ‘doing it’; we’re doing ‘IT’:  That is, moving into our finally-at-last-thank-God-could-it-possibly-have-taken-ANY-BLOODY-LONGER?!? much-anticipated and mostly-complete second floor (we still have to hang doors and do some finish carpentry).  As of 9:00 this morning, the movers are hauling all my office, fitness, sewing, and art equipment, along with Hubby’s N-scale model train layout and all his astronomy gear, out of the garage and into its final home upstairs.

Are we relieved?  OH HELL YES!!!

Are we still sane?

Not even close.

Our intellectual capacity has diminished to the point where we can’t retain even the most basic snippets of information for more than ten seconds.  Our most frequent conversation for the past couple of weeks has been:

“What about (fill in construction question)?”

“Are you really asking me that?!?  I just told you half an hour ago!”

“You did not.”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Did too…”

I’d love to say that it’s all Hubby’s fault because he never listens to me; but I’m not quite sure how that would explain the fact that I’ve done exactly the same thing.  ’Cause I always listen to him.  (Hubby, stop laughing.)  Maybe we’re simultaneously developing acute dementia caused by paint fumes.

I’m so brain-dead I can’t even feed myself.  When the building inspector departed after giving us a passing grade on our final inspection, I allowed myself a celebratory Lindt truffle (or maybe several; but I’ll only admit to one).  They’re one of my favourite indulgences:  An oh-so-smooth-and-delicious soft chocolate centre enclosed in a chocolate sphere and wrapped in pretty foil.

So I peeled off the foil and put it into my mouth.  The foil, not the chocolate.  Seriously; if I had to take a mental competence test right now, they’d lock me up so fast I wouldn’t even have time to yell, “Hey, where’s my truffle?”

I’ve also developed an unnerving tendency to forget where I’m going and why; resulting in a scenario where I stop in my tracks, thump my forehead, and mutter, “Come on, brain, you can do this.”  (For the record:  It can’t.)

But I can hardly wait to unpack and settle into a period of blissful normalcy… at least until our budget recovers enough that we can afford to install flooring up there instead of the painted plywood we have now.  Then the renovation insanity will begin all over again; but we’re both so heartily sick of construction that there’s an excellent chance we’ll put off installing flooring for another ten years.  Maybe longer.

Or maybe we’ll just wait until the trauma fades; which, given the current state of my short-term memory, could be as early as next week.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to resuming my life now that I no longer have to spend every spare moment either thinking about or doing construction.  We’re done!  HOORAY!!!

*does happy dance*

And in other news… I just hit the halfway point on Book 13 – woohoo!  Now I’m looking forward to having some quality time to bomb ahead with it.

*does another happy dance*


34 thoughts on “Doing It… Doing It… DONE!

  1. Yay! The space looks fantastic! So much light it will be a wonderful work space. You’ve only likely sacrificed half of your brain cells so lots more where that came from. Now do try to stop eating the foil. I do hate to see good chocolate go to waste.


  2. Ah Diane, this reminds me of when my family moved into my parents’ house when I was in high school. Like you, the upstairs (where my bedroom was) had plywood floors (unpainted), no trim, no bedroom or closet doors and no light fixture, just a bulb hanging down. It remained like that for years until after I moved out. Hopefully, yours won’t take so long. For the record, I LOVE yellow and love the space that you two have created. It looks so airy and light. Oh, to have a proper art studio… Can I move in? 😉


    • LOL! I think you may have to put your name on a waiting list – half my painting group (art, not walls; thank God) wants to move in, too. And I love my yellow – it’s so bright and cheery when the days are dull (like the past couple of days when we got 4″ of rain).

      I don’t intend to let the finishing drag on too long – I’m much too compulsive for that. I can put up with unfinished stuff for a few weeks, but then it starts to drive me crazy(er). Trim boards are going on this week!


  3. You had me worried with the headline “done” but I now realize that you have retained enough sanity to enjoy your new work space because you used the phrase “mostly complete.” I hope a future post will tell us what rhododendrons you will be planting; I still miss the ones from my previous house.


    • We’re thrilled to be able to grow rhodos here! We went crazy and bought about 20 last year, but they’re no more than a foot or two high. Still, it looks as though we’ll have a bloom or two this year on Kabarett (purple), Carey Ann (hot pink), Pomegranate Splash (white with red), Blue Jay (bluish purple), Shrimp Girl (pink), Snow Lady (white, fragrant), Tapestry (purple) and also on our Golden Comet deciduous azalea and a couple of our dwarf red azaleas (Mother’s Day and Girard’s Hot Shot). I planted about 800 bulbs last fall, too, and they’re all starting to poke their noses up – I may have crocuses in a couple of weeks!

      Oh, you shouldn’t have gotten me started… 😉


  4. If the prospect of being finished wasn’t enough to make you happy, those colors sure would! Great space. Congrats! And if it helps, the bag of Lindt truffles I have says That a serving size is THREE! Bon apetit! 😁.


    • A serving size is three?!? Well, dang, I’ve been shortchanging myself all this time. I’d better eat a bunch just to catch up!

      And thank you – I love yellow, especially here on the coast where it’s dark and rainy a lot in the winter. I know yellow walls would drive some people crazy; but I’m already there, so it’s all good. 😉

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  5. I’m still trying to get my treadmill out of the living room (going on about 10 years now). Your space looks great. Do some geometric or stenciled designs on the painted floor. Love all the natural light it looks like you’ve got.


  6. Wow! Congratulations on another milestone! You’re THIS close to being done…! (Yep, this is me quitting right there. No comments about which shoe’s turn it is to drop next. Nothing at all about how long it’s taken–or the TOLL it’s taken. Zip. Nada. Just congratulations.) Well done, sista.

    And FIFTY PERTHENT!! THWEET! Congratulathionth again!

    If nobody’t told you today that you rock, please allow me to be the first.


  7. oh my. Um, well. Okay, great news on the moving in. Hopefully your sanity will recover soon and the whole memory and vocabulary thing will improve too. I don’t know about hanging doors – I mean what crime did the doors commit that deserves being hung for? and don’t get me started on a “hung” door.


  8. Wow, you will enjoy this space! Looks fantastic. Now take a breath and have a drink, put your feet up and bask in these few moments of peace. It won’t last. You will find something to drive you crazy soon enough.

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  9. We’ve got a lot of Finnish carpenters around here. Some Swedish and Norwegian ones, too. It took me nearly twenty years to finish my house and there are still a few details I need to do, but now I call them “remodeling” or “maintenance”. Paint fumes definitely cause brain injury and behavioral problems, but the application of said paint can cause severe psychosis if left unchecked or unfinished. Be careful out there!

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    • LOL! You’re absolutely right about the psychosis if painting is left unfinished! That would truly drive me nuts.

      We could sure use one of those Scandihoovian carpenters right now. The bookshelf is going to be a pain in the butt – I can bang together just about anything and it won’t fall down, but making it pretty is another story altogether. That’ll be Hubby’s job… 😉

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