A Very Vampire Solstice-mas

Woohoo! We’ve made it past the shortest day! I always feel better when we’re on the upswing and I know I’ll be getting more light every day. (As opposed to ‘getting lighter’, which I definitely won’t be doing unless I stop devouring Christmas goodies.)

The darkness of winter doesn’t bother Hubby, but then again, he’s basically a vampire – he’s just beginning to hit his stride around 10 PM every night.  And he loathes garlic. (I haven’t dared to try holy water on him.)

I’d never make it as a vampire – I love daylight far too much. Though, come to think of it, I burn to a crisp in ten minutes or less when exposed to direct sunshine, so I actually may be part vampire. Hmmm…

Anyway, at least the snow brightens everything up and makes the most of the little daylight we have, and we light up the night as much as we can. This video pretty much describes us for the entire month of December.

Okay, we’re not quite that over-the-top – for one thing, our LED lights just aren’t that bright. But they make up for it with the splendour of quantity, since we can now power all 5000+ bulbs off one 20-amp breaker. And hey, at least the City of Calgary doesn’t have to switch over to nuclear backup when we turn them on.

I realize that solstice, Christmas, and blood-sucking soulless creatures aren’t usually combined in the same post, but this is what happens when I get a massive shortbread overdose. And it’s actually not too much of a stretch when you think about it. I’m sure we’ve all been at an office party where we’ve looked around at our blood-sucking soulless co-workers and shuddered.

And now that I’ve made the mental connection, I just can’t get this thought out of my mind:

vampire christmas

I figure one’s social skills would get pretty rusty if one spent all one’s time locked away from the rest of humanity, absorbed in one’s own nefarious schemes…

Wait, why are you looking at me like that? I’m talking about the vampires, not myself. I swear I’ve never fanged an eggnog carton… Okay, once; but there were mitigating circumstances.

Oh, and here’s another digression (what was in that shortbread?!?): Eggnog makes me laugh.  Yes, it’s full of creamy spicy goodness and, if you’re lucky, enough Christmas spirits to make anyone laugh; but here in Canada all products have to be labelled in both our official languages.  So one side of the carton says ‘Eggnog’ and the other says ‘Lait de poule’, which is the French version.  The literal translation is ‘milk of hen’.  Chicken milk. *giggles childishly*

As you can undoubtedly tell, I need a vacation (or possibly an intervention, but those are harder to arrange). So next week I’m giving myself the gift of some uninterrupted writing time on Book 11 – woohoo all over again! My next post will be on January 6, so I’ll look forward to ‘talking’ to you then.

Meanwhile, Hubby and I would like to send our very best wishes to everyone:

Joy to those who celebrate; comfort to those who mourn; and peace and abundance to all, now and in the New Year.

xmas tree

If you celebrate Christmas, we wish you a very merry one!

* * *

P.S. Another cause for ‘woohoo-ing’: I’ve finally finished my cover updates! Here’s the last one:

53 thoughts on “A Very Vampire Solstice-mas

  1. I’m enjoying the posts, especially in the vampire vein, LOL. Couldn’t pass that up. I’ve always been a defender of the fanged ones as I do believe they can easily live among us with comfort and safety.
    Lots to try and get done today and hate to go out. It’s cold, rainy, dreary and windy but, in an hour or two that could all change.
    I’m wishing all here to have a wondrous 2016! Keeping it safe, healthy, happy and progressive.
    Hoping this post gets through as I can’t seem to find that I’m actually logged in. Aha, I will do a copy and paste of this so just in case I lose it, I won’t!
    Blessed Be to all!

    (It worked! I used the log in with the WordPress icon. )

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    • I’m glad your comment got through! It’s annoying that WordPress gets finicky sometimes.

      And I like the idea of peaceful coexistence with vampires. Now all we need is some really good sunscreen… 😉

      Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

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  2. I ‘ope you ‘ad a good Christmas, Diane, mwahaha… and I vant you to ‘ave a good New Year as vell.
    (Do you know, I used to be good in typing like a vampire, but I don’t know what’s happened there! All the best, anyhow!)

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  3. We definitely need to celebrate Winter Solstice. I now understand why the Northern Tribes felt they had to please the gods to get the sun to come back! I do a little dance every year and so far haven’t been laughed out of the neighborhood. It’s dark down here in Idaho too, then there’s the inversion in January ~~another insult to us sunlovers (even though I’m a redhead too and paying for it now).
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!
    Looking forward to your next exciting offering,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Peggi! I like the idea of your solstice-dance but considering the amount of ice we’ve got around here right now, it might turn out a little more dramatic than I’d intended. Then again, it’d make a good story for a blog post… once the casts came off my broken bones… 😉

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  4. “Joy to those who celebrate; comfort to those who mourn; and peace and abundance to all, now and in the New Year”.
    What a wonderful wish. Merry Christmas, Diane, to you and yours. Thank you for brightening our world in 2015. We look forward to more of the same in the New Year.

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  5. Great work once again, Diane. And you are not taking the week off to celebrate Vampire Solstice-mas, have therapeutic amounts of chicken-milk and shortbread and play in the snow? Instead you are planning to hide away in your vampire cave all by yourself just to meet the demands of your favorite taskmaster Glbryant. Sorry, I guess I’m not familiar with the holiday traditions of the vampire portion of the season. Or are we all selfish taskmasters, demanding more Aydan, AND weekly infusions of humor and responses to our endless comments without a thought for your needs? Yup, No need to respond to this comment, Diane. Take a week or two off. Get together with your favorite people and enjoy yourselves. Partake in all the nutritional food groups. And that goes to all the other readers too. Thanks for another enjoyable year and wishing everyone splendid holidays too.

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  6. Happy Christmas to all, love the blog.

    But what am I gunna read next week!!! Just saying. No have a great one, not being on the net well give me time to try and perfect the latest jewellery project, or maybe try and do a little writing myself

    Love hugs and best wishes for the festive period

    Hope Santa is good to you all and if he’s not I hope the naughty fairy does her bit and spoils you rotten

    I’m gunna tuck into some alcoholic choices shhhh don’t tell my work

    Hugs Karen xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Karen! Wow, a jewellery project – sounds like you’re going to have fun! What kind of jewellery do you make?

      Santa is always very good to me, and that’s all I can say without descending into X-rated territory. Let’s just say he comes more than once a year. 😉

      Enjoy your yummy Christmas spirits!

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      • I started making myself a few pairs of earring’s and it has progressed onto rings, bracelets pendants. Ive just started wire wrapping its fun but hard on the fingers I did two bits of either a bracelet or necklace last night and had to stop as my thumb was going numb and into spasm hehe

        But as I have expensive taste in jewellery its a good job I’ve started making my own

        I’m curious Santa come more than once a year that’s so not fair!!!!
        Mind I can’t really complain after all I am the naughty fairy to all who know me

        Love and hugs to all
        Karen xxx

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      • In the immortal words of the poet laureate of early TV game shows, Groucho Marx, “Once a king, always a king. Once a queen, always a queen. But once a knight…is never enough.”

        Many happy returns. 🎄🎄🎄🙂

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  7. Merry Christmas!! Lovely tree, funny cartoon, and beautiful cover. My complements again on your choice of anonymous model. A total babe. You done good, sista!

    Not a vampire, eh? Remember the term from “Blade?”


    Just sayin… 😉


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