18 thoughts on “Now I Feel MUCH Safer.

  1. Ha! Saw this earlier on FB.
    We are blessed here…no tornadoes, or such….just the monsoons…but that isn’t too bad.
    It’s something like how the telecommunication companies in my country only give you their email address to contact them if there is a problem..which is *so* smart as the problem if it occurs would be internet problems!!! D’oh.


    • Oh, I’m sure your local weather site will be delighted to stuff your Inbox. For this particular one, I set up Outlook to monitor the RSS feed from Environment Canada’s weather warnings for Calgary. Problem is, they update the RSS feed every half hour or so, even if there are no warnings. I was getting 48 messages a day saying “there are no warnings”. So then I had to write a rule in Outlook to automatically delete the ones that said there were no warnings. I haven’t had a warning since, so I don’t know whether our weather has suddenly turned very stable, or whether the rule is actually deleting all Environment Canada’s RSS feeds now.

      Considering that the tornado warnings aren’t really all that useful anyway, I think this is the perfect solution. I theoretically should be getting warnings if there are any; and I’m not getting any; therefore I’m safe. Or at least as safe as I was before I signed up for the warnings…


  2. Love the cartoon!
    I have to share this. Years ago while living in Houston, TX. we went through a day of tornado warnings, watches and sightings. I was stuck at work, kids were sent home (really smart of the school at that time…sheesh!) but oldest son was a teenager and could cope with the 2 younger. They knew the drill in case of a sighting. Youngest child, daughter, age 9, calls me at work and she’s panicking. “I hear the train sound mama!” (sure indication of a tornado near by) I tried to calm her down while my heart was in my throat. “Are you sure it’s a train you hear?”
    “Yes mama! I can hear the whistle blowing!”
    My heart returned to it’s rightful spot and I did my best not to laugh, bless her heart.
    Your cartoon gave me another nice memory. Thanks!


    • Oh, that’s so cute! (Once you got over the fear, anyway.) A tornado passed over our campsite last summer and touched down a few miles away, so I know exactly what you mean by the train sound. The problem was, our campsite is surrounded by trees, so I still couldn’t see the sky – we weren’t sure it was a tornado until we left later in the day and saw the destruction a few miles east of us. I’m beginning to regard tornados the same as I regard lightning strikes – I’ll do my best not to do anything outright stupid, but if I’m gonna get hit, I guess it’s just my time.


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