Me And The Boys

I’ve probably mentioned that we’ve planted several fruit trees here at our new place… or, more accurately, fruit twigs.  They’re not really big enough to be called “trees” yet.

So imagine my surprise when I spotted something on our peach twig.  Then imagine my laughter when I realized the “something” was actually two small fuzzy spheres cuddled together on one tiny branch.  I’ve always had a bad habit of assigning gender to inanimate objects, but in this case I can say unequivocally “It’s a boy!”

And while we’re in that… *ahem* …area, here’s some news in brief (sorry, couldn’t resist):  Apparently a researcher in the States is seeking over 3600 photos of men’s penises in order to determine whether Size Does Matter to a guy’s social and psychological makeup.  If you’re an investor, now might be a good time to buy shares in Photoshop.  I predict a firming trend in their stock, perhaps even a dramatic rise.

I dunno; I’m no expert, but it seems to me that if you’re looking for meaningful insights into male psychology you might not want to draw all your study data from the subset of ‘Guys Who Want To Send You Dick  Pics’.  But I notice the researcher looks a tad annoyed in the news photo, so she’s probably had more than enough razzing already.  I’ll just let the topic, um… subside.


According to my blogging buddy Tom Merriman and Charlie O’Shields from Doodlewash, July is #WorldWatercolorMonth.  I’ve been envying Tom’s talent for quite a while now, so I’m happy to finally be able to join the fun.  And hey, my watercolour subject even suits the theme of this post! (Okay, I’m reaching a bit; but still.)  Anyhow, seventy-nine years ago, ‘it was a boy’ for Hubby’s Uncle Bert’s parents.

We were invited to the birthday party, and Bert’s only request was “No gifts, just homemade birthday cards”.  He has led a fascinating life that includes many years of owning his own business driving trucks and operating heavy equipment.  Bert had retired by the time I got to know him, but he still does odd jobs with his loader/backhoe.  So my imagination took flight (so to speak):

What’s up in your world this week?

24 thoughts on “Me And The Boys

  1. So I start the read with peaches and my mind was truly on little fruit trees….imagine my surprise when the subject went to junk in a variety of ways….you truly had me rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard. Problem is I am a visual thinker….gotta love your posts!! Love your sense of humor!!


    • Thanks, Kirt! I’m glad you got a laugh from my sneaky segue. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have thought twice about the peaches, but having two of them snuggled together like that made my mind go somewhere it probably shouldn’t have. (Story of my life.) 😉

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  2. Just spent a fabulous couple of weeks with my sister in Denver. Her kids were in Ireland and points east, and I got to hang with her while they were out of town. We’ve been best friends all my life (she’s older, so she got a head start). Seems like three days, not three weeks. Always a blast. (I read my book–the whole thing–to her. All 750,000 words. She loved it! We always travel a lot every time we get together, but we hardly left the house this time. Then again, we spent most of our time together a squillion or two miles away while never even starting the car.

    These next two weeks Thuh Missus and I are cruising Minnesota. Might even get to sneak, er, travel briefly into Canada. Got my passport renewed, just in case. Dunno if it’ll happen, but we’re both prepared just in case. I hope y’all have had as much fun as I have!


    • Welcome back! I’m glad you had such a great time with your sister; and how cool that you read her the WHOLE BOOK! Wow! (It’s even cooler that she loved it.) 😉

      Have a great trip through Minnesota, and Canada, too, if you get the chance. Sounds like an epic journey! Are you visiting friends/family, or just croozin’?

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  3. “Firming trend,” “dramatic rise” – sheesh!

    I am celebrating the 40 plus years of my orange plant which, like a cat, has many lives. Several times I thought it had gone on to orange heaven but, with careful pruning and plant stimulant, rose like a phoenix from the ashes. It produces small and very, very tart little oranges.

    I am not sure of gender but Shakespeare in Henry VIII assigns “the maiden phoenix” to Elizabeth I so I am going with female.


    • Forty-plus years, wow! Is this an indoor or outdoor tree? Decades ago my brother grew a grapefruit tree from a sprouted seed in his morning grapefruit. After about 20 years it got so big that it wouldn’t fit in the house anymore and he donated it to an arboretum in his town. As far as I know it’s still going strong, but I don’t know if they ever got fruit from it.

      And yes, I couldn’t resist the double entendres. I am weak… 😉


  4. Amazing that such a new fruit tree can put out fruit already!

    Your card is delightful. We really shouldn’t be surprised at your talent; your comics have always been awesome too.


  5. Great birthday card. Looks like there no thing that you can’t do!!

    I’m actually going to get a couple of raspberries from my “twig” plants this year. My baby garden is coming along and I have picked roses already, and a couple of sweet yellow cherry tomatoes. Hoping for great things next year

    No time to read now but your newest is on top of my list!


    • That’s great – I hope you enjoy Book 13 when you get to it!

      And how exciting that you’re already getting fruit and flowers! Roses are next on our to-purchase list, but I’ve been trying to hold myself back. One of the greenhouses near our place (there are three of them within a ten-minute drive, yikes!) specializes in roses, and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Deep breaths… *clutches credit card in white-knuckled grip*


  6. Well, they won’t be getting any pictures from me. Perhaps they should have asked for watercolors instead of photos. That could add a completely different layer to the research. Love the birthday card! I want a backhoe.


  7. What a way to make a living!
    Congratulations on the fuzzy arrivals there, Diane! If you’re like me, I was filled with pride when my Seedlings grew last year, so enjoy!
    Great watercolour! Welcome to the club! And Happy Birthday by the way, Uncle Bert!
    And thank you, Diane, for the mention and the link, much appreciated


    • Thank you; and you’re welcome, Tom! We’re having a wonderful time watching our new little plants grow. Our crabapple twig has about a dozen crabapples on it, too – very exciting! There’s nothing on the cherry trees or plum tree yet, but I’m sure they’ll get into the act soon. In a few years, I’ll likely be moaning about how much work it is to pick all our fruit. That’s the kind of “problem” I don’t mind a bit. 🙂


    • It’s a fairly short trip for my mind. 😉

      And I’m really hoping there’s more to that study than what the journalist deigned to share with the public. I just can’t imagine (okay, no; I just don’t want to think about) any kind of meaningful conclusions being drawn from that kind of self-reported data.

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  8. Congratulations! See, Aydan isn’t too old for kids…
    To me, the researcher looks like she’s keeping her jaw clenched and mouth tightly closed, although why, I can’t imagine. But you’re right, probably best to just put it to bed.
    On another note, hubby just returned from a trip to the BWCAW, and had some lovely views of Quetico from their trip. May have even paddled into Canada a titch…
    Happy Canada Day!


    • Thanks, Beth; and happy 4th of July to you! “Put it to bed” – LOL!

      Plants are the only babies Aydan intends to have. I’m not averse to baby animals, either, although I’m eyeing the four baby bunnies in our yard with concern. My garden is getting nervous…


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