It’s A Fine Line…

People often ask me about my creative process, so I thought it might be helpful to provide an illustration of the exact process that went into creating last week’s post.  Voilà:  My Creative Process.

P.S. We have a release date for Book 10,  Spy Away Home:  September 4, 2015!  I tried really hard for August, but it just wasn’t to be.  Pre-orders should be available at all distributors within the next few days (Amazon and Smashwords are already up).  If you’ve signed up on the new-release notification list, you’ll get an email when all the pre-orders are up, and again when the book is available.

P.P.S.  I’m on the road today, so I won’t be able to respond to comments until this evening.  ‘Talk’ to you then!


43 thoughts on “It’s A Fine Line…

  1. This seems a rather honest account of the creative process to me. 🙂 I recognized the bit about an observation being true but not funny. There are certain things I’ve been wanting to write about for a while, but until I can find an angle — some way to make them funny — they’re going to remain nothing but squiggles in my notebook.

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  2. Yey finally a dare for the new book, and almost perfect as I’ll have it in time for my birthday what a great present to me. And probably better than buying myself more jewellery, although I can see me doing that too

    hope you had a great day out travelling Diane, even if it took you away from finishing proofing the new book
    big hugs


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  3. I love it. Your brain cell goes like a ping pong ball in a tornado. Mine too. But at least yours is creative. Only way to travel. By the way, there is a fine line between numerator and denomonator. I need to get back to your books. I am reading really heavy shit right now.

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    • ‘Aaargh!’ to your joke – good one! But vinucula is one of those words I’m always hesitant to use – I worry that someone might think I’m offering them a wine fermented from vampires…

      Hope you finish plowing through your heavy shit soon!

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      • I had to look up vinculum. Who knew? Besides you. Fermented vampire wine sounds bloody awful. Finished Suvorov’s book and read my first (and last) Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid’s Tale. As I said in my review, at least Orwell knew what he was writing about.

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          • I had to read that wretchedness as an assignment for a sociology class in school a hunnerd or two years ago. That’s the class I took as a GPA booster. All my buddies took a sociology class from a certain prof and claimed it was a gold-plated blow-off, and I needed a GPA booster at the time. Well, that guy’s classes were all full, of course, so I took another guy’s class. Big mistake. I worked my, well, I worked really hard at it and barely scraped by with a C. And Handmaids Tale was the *best* thing on the reading list. Gad, that was a terrible semester. 😦

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  4. Gad, I love your cartoons! The facial expressions, the posture, body language, and backgrounds are just right. Just enough detail to be perfect.

    And the parallels you draw with those things are just scary. Have you been reading my mail? 🙂

    THEPTEMBER! (Foot still tapping…)

    (244k, 528 pages and counting. The wife sez, “Aren’t you through with that thing YET?” Quoth I, “I’m sorry! Stuff just keeps happening! And *somebody’s* gotta write this stuff down!” Is it always this way?)


  5. So if I am insane I may also be a writer? That actually gives me a boost of confidence in my possibilities. I still can’t remember to keep a notebook for writing down all the great ideas I forget about.
    I am waiting impatiently and with baited breath for Spy Away Home. It’s true my breath smells like bait because I often warm up my minnows, worms, and leeches by putting them in my mouth. It’s a pretty common practice in these parts.

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  6. Ha! I know the feeling all too well. A seemingly wonderful idea–so wonderful that there’s no way I could forget it in the short time it takes to walk to another room. And yet I do.

    Safe travels and congrats on the book!

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