Season’s Greetings!

I finished the final draft of Book 9, SPY HIGH, on Sunday and the first beta reader is already finished – woohoo!  Now I’m looking forward to a week of family, food, and festivities.  Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and general merriness to you if you don’t!



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29 responses to “Season’s Greetings!

  1. A belated Happy Holidays from one who is sparing in his greetings. I would have responded sooner but it took a great deal of time to get that snake out of my pocket.


  2. A belated Merry Ho Ho to you and a Happy New Year! Good luck with the new book.

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  3. Book 9? Wowzaa. I just finished a glass of wine. We are definitely from two different worlds. Have a great holiday.

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  4. Lisa Keefner

    I’m tearing up! I was lamenting my lack of reading material over the Christmas weekend, and what do I read? Your final draft is complete. May the fed ex driver be swift of feet and bring me this treat I have been awaiting so long, and I will be strong, as I await the joy of Ayden’s adventures with her boys! Merry Christmas and thank you for providing my mind’s eye with some candy (because I really don’t need any more holiday sweets)!

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  5. May your Christmas be Blessed with Peace, Health, Joy & Laughter Diane.

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  6. Merry Christmas, Diane! And congrats on finishing the final book draft!

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  7. moondance4me

    Merry Christmas to you and your DH! I also love the pic, it’s as close to snow as I want actually. Hubby is smoking a ham and I am making pies. Everything is good and I am anxiously awaiting book 9! The separation from Kane, Ayden and the crew is taking it’s toll. LOL!
    Again, Blessed Be to you and yours!

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  8. Today is also National Eggnog Day.

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  9. Barbara Guzman

    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, and thanks for the present (letting us know the next Spy book is coming)!!

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  10. Congratulations and Happy Squirrel Day! Or Merry Christmas, if you’ve never heard of Squirrel Day! 😉

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  11. Congratulathions, Thister! And Merry Christhmath to you and yourths!

    A gloriouth new year to you all. 🙂

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  12. Congrats to you Diane!! Fantastic accomplishment. Now some well deserved celebrating.

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