31 thoughts on “I’m Doomed

  1. That is so funny and so true. I think things like that all day long and at the end someone tells me “you are such a patient person”, “my gosh, you are so considerate”. I usually smile sweetly and go to another place and gag while I feel guilty. I never seem to change tho’. Is that bad? Hmm, I guess I’m too old to change. Probably means I’m too old to give a care anymore. 🙂


  2. Not doomed at all Diane, with a comic strip based on fact! Wait – that sounded better before I typed it.
    Erm… erm…
    I’ve just eaten a fortune cookie, and read ‘You will be called upon to cast aside the doom’.
    There you go. See. Not doomed.


  3. LMAO

    Go ahead, if you win throw me a few bucks if for anything to get health ins. again. If those fortune cookies could really foresee anything, we’d all be rich. LOL

    Seems I’m always in the “Doomed” aura. More realistic.


  4. Hi. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as disrespectfulness of the mind. No one can prove it ever happened! I’m new to your site (it’s so much more than a blog), and I’m loving it, in an envious, shoulda been me sort of way. I’ve downloaded one of your books for a flight I’ve got tomorrow, can’t wait! Was wondering why you give the books free, seems like the reviews are really good?


    • Hi, and welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying my site, and I hope you enjoy the book! 🙂

      I give away the first book because a reader’s investment of time is an expression of trust in me as an author, and I like to give readers a chance to read the entire book and decide whether they like my style or not. If they do, great; and if they don’t, at least they didn’t have to pay for it. I’ve been burned too many times by reading the first chapters and thinking a book is going to be great only to feel ripped off when the end doesn’t live up to the beginning, so I don’t want anyone to have that experience with my books.

      And of course, if they like my first book, I’m hoping they’ll be happy to pay for the rest of the series… and so far that seems to be working well. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues… 🙂


    • I glommed onto Diane’s first book last year with the thought of, “Hey, it’s free. How badly could I be burned THIS time?”

      I was completely blown away. Read it again just to make sure I hadn’t exaggerated the excellence of the book to myself merely because of the brand new and plausible premise, the interesting plot, and the likeable and engaging characters. I hadnt. The whole thing just plain WORKS.

      So my next move was to hit Amazon.com again and purchase everything I could find with Diane’s name on it. Read it all straight through and have been pestering her ever since to tell us more about Aydan and John and Arnie and Spider.

      I’ve said this before, but the only problem I have with Diane’s books is that she can’t write them as fast as I can read them. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way. You’re in for a real treat.


  5. Hey, go for it. I’ve never even caught a whiff of your being disrespectful. Even when provoked. By me, for instance. And even I engage in accurately verbalized observations periodically. Er, frequently. 🙂


  6. Tickets? We don’t need no stinking tickets! 😉

    Your cartoon reminded me of:

    Once I tried ordering a “half cafe double decafe” at a Starbucks, but all it got me was a blank stare from the barista, and a look of horror from my hubby. Go figure.


    • LOL! You know, that whole clip was utterly incomprehensible – just like going into Starbucks. I can never remember what the difference is between venti and whatever other sizes they’ve got. I avoid the place like the plague, but if it’s the only option, I go in and say “A small green tea, please.” Then they look at me like I’m speaking gibberish and start babbling about ventis and stuff. Argh. Just. A. Small. Green. Tea!


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