35 thoughts on “The Secret Of Happiness…

  1. You are good at this ! I like the simple line drawing with quick delivery of gag. It is a talent with fine art and dialogue but also one with delivering the concept with so very few lines and words. Just finished PLAYING THE DOZENS by William D Pease(1990). Will look for more of his stuff in the thrift shop raids I make from time to time. I am the only one in there buying books – sheesh.


  2. Most excellent! Love your cartoons. They all seem to based in solid truth too. Hmmm Yes, like others have said, “back to work”. My cursor is hovering over a “buy now” button. hahahaha


    • Mine, too, Diane. You know how I love those early, collectible first editions. Seriously, I’m really looking forward, not merely to Book 8, but to Book 9 as well.

      Oops, I have done you a disservice, Madame. Your books are not MERELY anything. They are unique. And bless you for them.

      Okay, now get back to work! 🙂


    • Thanks! I’m excited – today might be the day! Of course then I have to edit it umpty-bazillion times because I’m anal like that, but… I might type “The End” today… 😀


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