25 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking Too Much Lately…

  1. Thank you again, perfect cartoon. There is easily a book connected to this shared thought. Picture this : a woman tells me she can be invisible when she wants to. UGH,
    What the psychic/ predator /stalker/ child molester doesn’t realize is when she drives her car in the snow and parks in my driveway for a few seconds— the tire tracks stay, and the tracks match her tires –of course.. cause and effect is more reliable than psychic?


      • Nope, she drove in the driveway – noticed my truck ( it had snowed and I decided not to do high ladder work that day – and possibly fall) and did not get out, (no tracks) backed out without me noticing, I think I had decided to read a book that morning. (she had called early that morning) I guess:) not psychic enough to know I was home. More story in my “about” just put it there


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