Murphy Strikes Again

I forgot to schedule this to post automatically in the morning, but I think there’s still time for a Sunday funny.

We just spent the entire weekend harvesting the garden, and my car came back groaning under 700 lbs of potatoes, onions, carrots, pumpkins, and assorted other goodies. I was afraid this cartoon might turn out to be a little too true, but my car made it.  Guess I was safe because I haven’t won the lottery.



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16 responses to “Murphy Strikes Again

  1. Hehehe…money come money go.

    700 lbs of vegetables is awesome! Your car is awesome too!!! hehe


  2. That reminds me–I need to go buy a Powerball ticket today. If God means for me to be fabulously wealthy, I’d hate to deprive Him of the opportunity to carry out His plans.


  3. Diane, it’s true, what goes around comes around! I didn’t win the lottery this week. I actually forgot to play. Things are still in balance!


    • Good to know everything’s still in balance! I only play the lottery once in a blue moon – even if I remember to buy a ticket, I forget to check it for weeks on end. It’s actually more fun that way – like Schrodinger’s Cat, an unchecked lottery ticket could still be a winner until the day you actually discover that it isn’t. I enjoy weeks of glorious potential. 😉


  4. I totally get your excitement – that must have been a fabulous sight! If it had been me, I’d have lined them all up and just taken some time to admire them in their colourful glory!


  5. Amy Swendra

    You won the hard work vegetable lottery ! That’s a hella bunch of veggies! 😉


    • My back agrees. But to me, digging potatoes and carrots is like opening a Christmas stocking – I’m whooping and hollering, “Look at the size of that one! Look at THIS one!! Woohooo!” Hubby just smiles…


  6. haha, that is so true! It’s Monday morning here, but the Sunday funny still works 😉


  7. 700 pounds of veggies? That must be one big garden. Wow!


    • Yep, it’s one of those things where you don’t realize quite how big it is until you start digging potatoes. Eleven 5-gallon pails of potatoes; three 5-gallon pails of carrots; two 5-gallon pails of onions; pumpkins, spaghetti squash, zucchini… Remind me why this seemed like a good idea…?


      • Lynn B.

        Let me guess here. It seemed like a good idea because: a) It had been a long time since the soreness had worn off from the last harvesting session, b) you’d used up all the wonderful veggies from the previous year, c) you love to work in the garden, anyway, d) you’d spent all that time, effort, and money getting those tons of compost in.

        I’m guessing I’m four for four. Right? 🙂


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