I Sing Like A Bird

…if the bird in question is a crow…



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24 responses to “I Sing Like A Bird

  1. “Unfortunately, sopranos who sing like birds eat like horses, and vice versa.” Thomas Beecham, English orchestra conductor and impresario


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  3. haha, when did you start drawing? Its actually pretty descent.


    • Thanks! I’ve done a few little stick-figure cartoons off and on, so I figured I might as well post some of them. If people get a chuckle of them, great; if not, at least I’m a better writer than cartoonist. 😉


  4. Loved this! And shared it on FB as well 😉


  5. I totally adore your cartoons!


  6. Too funny. We could do a duet! 🙂


  7. LOL! Yet another way we are alike. You sure you’re not my sistah from another mistah or something? 😉


  8. 🙂 I’m pretty safe then?



  9. With my singing, being in another country isn’t safe, Diane. I try not to do it nowadays. You’re singing like an angel in your cartoon, by the way.


  10. If you keep practicing, maybe some day you’ll sing as well as you draw.


  11. Waddya mean, not a cartoonist ? To deliver the concept with single line sketch is much more difficult to deliver than that full art comic stuff. You have done it perfectly. So success on that. But the singing ? I’ll be 10 miles away !


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