38 thoughts on “Short And Silly

  1. Found the first Spy book last week and thought why not? Gad, am I ever glad I did. I’ve just bulldozed my way through all six and can’t wait for number seven! The characters and ideas are outstandlngly refreshing. These books are just impossible for me to put down.

    Let’s do a deal here. You write ’em, I’ll buy ’em. Does that work for you?


  2. Clever cartoon, enjoy your break we all need those to recharge our energy. I recently read Never Say Spy and loved it, the rest of your series is now loaded onto the e-reader, along with some of my other fav authors in preparation for our upcoming vacation, can’t wait to see what Aydan gets up to next!!!!!


    • Thanks – it’s funny, I am starting to miss my computer. When I left I was in the middle of writing an intense scene, and it’s been pulling at me for days. I can hardly wait to get back to it!


  3. LOL! Love it. Hope you’re having fun!

    Oh, hey, I hacked out a few free hours to enjoy A Spy for a Spy! (My life has been annoying crazy lately.) Boy, was that ever a treat! I am still in love with Hellhound, of course. Though I wouldn’t throw John out of bed for eating crackers, either. 😉

    Thank you for the blissful hours of entertainment. 🙂

    (Of course, now I’m ready for the next one… *hint-hint*)


    • I’m glad you liked A Spy For A Spy! Gotta give everybody their Hellhound fix. 🙂 As much fun as my vacation has been, I’m getting twitchy because I haven’t had time to write. It’s nice to enjoy the holiday, and it’s even nicer to be eager to get back to work!


    • Thanks! I think that may have been the only joke I can come up with, though. I don’t know how syndicated cartoonists do it. Any time somebody introduces me as “This is Diane. She’s really funny” I freeze with this dumb-as-dirt expression on my face and mumble inanities for the rest of the evening. Guess I don’t deal well with pressure. 🙂


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