Flash Fiction: That Man

Another flash fiction challenge.  We get one week and up to 1000 words.  This one only needed 100.

Here’s our prompt:

All constructive criticism welcomed and appreciated, as always.

That Man

“Mummy, Mummy, look at that man!”

“Shhh, Donny.  It’s not polite to point.”

“But, Mummy, look!  What’s wrong with him?”

“Shhh.  He’s just different, that’s all.  Look, here’s your toy.”

“Was he in a ak-sident?”

“No, honey, he was born that way.  Look, what does the happy skeleton say?  Boo-oo-oo!”

“M-m-mummy, that man… he’s… he’s scary.”

“Shhh, Donny, look, here’s your toy.”

“B-but what’s wrong with his face?”

“That’s called a lower jaw, honey.  Some people are born with them.  It just takes them longer to change.  Don’t worry, he’ll change, too.  He’ll be fine.  Just like you and me.”

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: That Man

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  2. Okay, first impression is that this is sort of a funny twist. “It’s called a lower jaw…” So are they talking about people who look like, well, us? Therefore we are the strange looking ones? That’s what my mind is interrupting, and I think it’s brilliant! If not, please let me know so I can reread the story and look at it from a different angle.


  3. OK I googled “lower jaw.” Earlier I googled “fish-man,” “merman,” “medical oddities,” and several other queries. I also ran the pic- as is, and then cropped and rotated- through tineye. Nada. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this image before. Or maybe I’ve seen too many 1950s monster movies.

    I like your story. Makes me wonder what I would say to Donny.


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