If you’ve come to this page because you’ve been offended by the language or content in my books, I’m sorry.  Though I do realize some people will be offended by my books, that was (and is) not my intention.  If you’re interested in an explanation for why my books are written the way they are, please click here. Though I may not share your values, I respect your personal convictions and I won’t debate them.

Because people tend to offer similar criticism with regard to language and subject matter, I will rarely respond to comments on this page.

I believe everyone deserves to be treated respectfully, including me.  You are welcome to offer criticism of my books, but if your comments are personally abusive I will delete them.

17 thoughts on “Criticism

  1. They hold mry terest and i keep reading them. Hoowever, there is a bit too much cursing and foul language. Perhaps you could tone it down a bit.


  2. I had to come here and read the critics after receiving email that contained Craig’s post. I had no problem keeping up with the ins and outs of the sim, any more than Aydan did! After all, she didn’t know what was happening herself! I am sure that your intent was to let your readers feel, rather than just read, what she was experiencing.

    Keep up the good work, profanity and all. It is pretty easy to skip over whatever someone deems excessive, both with the profanity and the sex, rather than letting it bother them.

    I have all of the series and have read them more than once, and will read them again very soon…so I will be completely ready for the next one!

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  3. I was pleased to find a new Canadian author spotlighted by iBooks ‘free to read’ list. This is a great forum for you to build your international reputation.

    Unfortunately I cannot say I like Never Say Spy. It is just too weird. I gave it a good try: around 350 iPhone pages. The ‘all in my head’ fantasy approach seems to go in baffling circles.

    Please let me know if you write a novel that follows a more traditional plot. I like your writing and I’d want to try again.


  4. Love the characters, enjoyed the action , but hated the premise of the wierd virtual reality stuff. Too far out and the attempted rape in the mind was a real turnoff . Are all your books with the Aiden character based on the computer stuff? If not l will love to read them. If so, count me out. Linnea


  5. I loved your characters, loved the way you leave us not being certain about Sudan. My only criticism is all the explicit profanity. Way too much and I could have done without the taking of God’s name. The sex part was a little too much also. I think less is more really. You write very well and I would read more of your work, hopefully with less profanity. Thank you.r


  6. Never Say Spy was so full of filth and sex that I just couldn’t put it down! I’m going to review it highly on Amazon right before I buy book 2! Just a great read. interesting story even though it’s probably not feasible at the current state of technology.


  7. I enjoyed the.first 8 books of the series as the ideas and plots were pretty fresh 4 stars
    However book 9 wandered off somewhere into the backwoods so only 3 stars at best.
    I was looking forward to book 10 but frankly its hopeless I give it a weak two stars. The plot is almost non existent and the aydan character unbelievable, one minute killing potential addasins, the next an emotional wreck unable to deal with kane. I really feel the book was written without great thought or planning just in order to publish another book. Please give more thought to book 11 as as a loyal reader I was sorely disappointed


  8. I just read Never Say Spy and I really enjoyed it. I just got an iPhone, was thrilled by the fact that I could read books on my phone, and chose NSS at random. It really kept me flipping the pages! I like the tough, older heroine (and I’m a lot older than Aydan), who is also a sexual being. I wasn’t offended by the language – that’s just how people talk, like it or not. The characters were generally well-developed – Hellhound, Kane, Spider, and so on. The only things I had a bit of trouble with were: 1) Aydan gets beaten to a pulp over and over and bounces back (and wisecracks) faster than any real person…but I guess James Bond did, too, and 2) she’s a bookkeeper?! That’s far too staid for her character. Anyway, I’ll keep loading your books on my phone – thanks for the entertainment!

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  9. My criticism is that you have too much of a life and don’t write fast enough.

    I very rarely re-read books. I love to skip around the whole Never Say Spy series and re-read my favorite parts. Which means I end up reading 90% of the book again and again.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

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  10. I just finished reading Never Say Spy. It was wonderful and I like the book and the way that you are. I am so tired of authors trying to be politically correct and ruining their story. Sometimes shit happens and you just have to say so. Wonderful! Keep up the good work and don’t change a thing.
    PS. Can you tell that my eyebrows are wiggling up and down?


  11. I liked your book, NEVER SAY SPY. I thought we had met when I read the character Hellhound. Darlin, I am Hellhound, I play the guitar, I write songs, and I am a big man. I was so happy that the big guy got the girl for a little bit anyway. the only criticism I had was the whole Network thing. bought it for the sake of story, but was sending my possibility meter pegging into not likely. I liked the story, and you are my kind of gal.
    thank you David Dossey

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  12. I LOVE your books. While the use of ‘offensive’ language is usually distasteful, you make it so funny I laugh out loud. It also fits the characters. “Gosh, golly, gee whiz” just won’t work.
    I would like to see Aydan dress better more often. She is a successful business woman but dresses like she is just coming in from the garage. Even the guys dress better. As a brilliant, savvy woman she would present herself better to the public. (The men who are supposed to be so smart think she can only be equal to them if she had their training; and they won’t accept the truth.) She could easily wear more tailored slacks, shirts, vests, sweaters… more often. How about a cross body bag instead of the waist pack? With a waist holster she is moving the pack as well as the bulky sweatshirt to get to her gun. There are companies who make clothing now with velcro side seams making it easier to get to a weapon, as well as built in holsters in some tops and shorts. Shoes could be soft leather ankle boots and shoes in the summer, a sundress with an open side seam….Now that she is leaving BC would you consider perking her up?
    Also thanks for Hellhound! Drop dead gorgeous guys are always fun but having a ‘real’ man like Arnie is a treat and he is a perfect foil.
    Can’t wait for book 10 and I really hope you keep the series going for a long time.

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  13. I enjoyed the storyline, however , for me it was spoiled by the continual use of the “f” bomb. It was totally unnecessary and just drags the story teller into the gutter. Without that profanity it would have been at least 4 stars. As it is I would only give it 2


  14. This book, Never say spy, is so filled with filth as soon as I finish this I will put in in my trash can so no one else will read it. You could have written this book with out all of the sex and vulgar talk. It would have been just as good but apparently your mind is full of this kind of trash. I hope you never sell another book!


    • Hi Mel,
      I appreciate hearing your thoughts about what you didn’t like about Never Say Spy. I also appreciate that Diane Henders encourages criticism of her work within reasonable limits. It is so nice that she offers that first book free of charge in electronic format so that people who are offended by strong language, frank descriptions of sexual thought and actions, and violence or those who prefer authors to never stray into fantasy or sci-do would ever become upset that they wasted money on a book they couldn’t fully enjoy. I too, prefer some genres better than others, but even if a book is not the sort I typically enjoy, I would never wish that no one else might enjoy such a book, or ever wish the author to never prosper from their labor in bringing that book to be published. I celebrate that so much of the world has the freedoms of reading or writing anything they wish without censorship and that people with similar tastes as you may be warned by your review that this book was not the sort you enjoy. I am very happy to respectfully disagree and to believe there is the need for all sorts of ideas, values, and beliefs that together make the world a better place.


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