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So I Booked A Photo Session…

Yes, this is the beginning of a joke.  Last week I decided to set up a photo session, with predictable results:

photoshoot cartoonOkay; it wasn’t quite that bad.  I didn’t actually break my ankle; I just twisted it.  I think I remembered to suck in hard enough to hide the evidence of my Superbowl excesses, and the zits were mostly hidden by makeup.  I hope.  (Yes, I wore makeup.  Bleah.)  And my hair, bless it, behaved.

Fortunately I was working with the funny and talented Rick and Sandra Hand of Hand Crafted Images.  They made the session easy and fun, and I know the quality of the photos will be top-notch.  But with me as a model, there’s only so much their talent can overcome…

Does the camera hate you as much as it hates me?

* * *

I’m off for an arthrogram on my ankle this morning (an old kickboxing injury; not photo-session-induced), so I’ll be incommunicado until this afternoon.  “Talk” to you then!


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