Info Session:  “Write Your Book At Last!”

Whether it’s non-fiction, a memoir just for your family, or an epic novel you want to share with the world, your story deserves to be told!

I’ll talk about:

  • The many roads to publication and which one is right for you
  • How long it can take and how much you can make
  • How to avoid the pitfalls in publishing
  • How to find the market for your book
  • How to overcome writer’s block (and when to embrace it)
  • How I accidentally ended up on Amazon’s Top 100 (You can, too.)
  • Why I didn’t get excited when Hollywood called… twice.  (Sadly, it’s not because I’m cool.)

We’ll have time for a Q&A session afterward, so bring your toughest questions about writing, publication, agents, marketing, and more.

And (because all presenters need a bio), here’s mine:

Before she started writing thrillers featuring a kickass middle-aged bookkeeper, Diane Henders was a technical writer, computer geek, and interior designer.  She was only good at two out of three, but at least she had the sense to quit the one she sucked at (interior design).

Since 2011, Diane has written a 14-book thriller series (more in progress) and 6 books of humour.  With over half a million e-books downloaded by fans worldwide and a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, Diane’s first book, Never Say Spy, has stayed on Amazon’s Top 100 Women Sleuths for 57 months.  

She has far too many hobbies, including gardening, target shooting, reading, eating, painting (pictures, not houses), and kickboxing.  With approximately 20 minutes of spare time per day, eating is the only one she accomplishes regularly.


Full-Length Workshops
Dates and locations coming soon

Note:  Workshop and mentoring fees are non-refundable, but transferable

Weekend Workshop:  Fiction-Writing Basics
$349 per person – Limited to 10 people

Build your writing skills on a solid foundation! The Fiction-Writing Basics workshop teaches you:

  • Genre expectations for length, content, and writing style
  • Plotting and structure
  • Basic character development
  • Authentic dialog
  • Tips for non-intrusive narration:  Show, don’t tell!
  • The importance of ‘voice’

By the end of this two-day, 16-hour workshop, you’ll have a solid understanding of writing basics and will have completed at least one 1,000 word piece of flash fiction.


Weekend Workshop:  Fiction Work-In-Progress
$349 per person – Limited to 10 people

For writers who have a plot and characters already in mind, and/or a manuscript in progress.

  • Critique groups:  Trusty supporters or toxic creativity-killers?
  • Pacing and story beats
  • Crafting the story arc
  • Making it through the mid-manuscript doldrums
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Character psychology:  Motivations and blind spots
  • Your characters’ emotions and how they affect their physiology
  • Foreshadowing
  • Finding your narrative rhythm
  • Driving your story with tension, conflict, and emotion

By the end of this two-day, 16-hour workshop, you’ll have applied what you’ve learned to selected portions of your work in progress and be ready to move forward with your manuscript.  You will do readings from your work-in-progress and you’ll receive supportive and constructive one-on-one and group feedback.


Weekend Workshop:  Fiction Final Polish
$349 per person – Limited to 10 people

For writers with a completed manuscript who want to apply the final polish before querying agents or self-publishing.

  • Tying up those pesky plot threads for a satisfying resolution
  • Smoothing the story arc
  • Tightening up saggy middles (the book’s, not yours)
  • Fine-tuning character arcs
  • Tricks for trimming word count
  • Writing the dreaded synopsis
  • Traditional vs. self-publishing
  • Querying agents (and why to write a query even if you’re planning to self-publish)
  • Publishing contracts and rights grabs
  • ‘Author platform’ and why you need it now

By the end of this two-day, 16-hour workshop, you’ll have a finished synopsis and query letter for your manuscript and will be ready to decide on a traditional agent/publisher book deal or self-publishing.


Weekend Workshop:  Non-Fiction
$349 per person – Limited to 10 people

For non-fiction and memoir writers:

  • The magic ingredient that turns dry facts into gripping reading
  • Selecting the right structure for your topic
  • The importance of ‘voice’
  • Choosing your niche
  • Book structure and organization
  • Authenticity
  • Fictionalizing vs. reporting
  • Reaching your target audience in creative ways
  • Fact-checking tips and techniques
  • Establishing yourself as an expert
  • Citations and style guides
  • The fine line between public domain and plagiarism
  • It’s not libel if it’s true; but do you really want to go there?

By the end of this two-day, 16-hour workshop, you’ll have developed the outline and structure for your non-fiction manuscript, defined your target audience, selected an appropriate structure for your topic, and honed your narrative voice through writing exercises.


Weekend Workshop:  Book Marketing
$349 per person – Limited to 10 people

You’ve written it; won’t they come?  Well… probably not unless you tell them about it!

  • Your brand and author platform
  • Your target audience:  Who are they?  Where are they?
  • The vital importance of metadata (it’s not as boring and technical as you think)
  • Search engines and why they matter
  • Amazon’s marketing algorithms and how to make them work for you
  • Pricing strategies to maximize sales volume and/or profits
  • How anthologies can work for you (or not)
  • Book promotion sites:  The good, the bad, and the ripoff artists
  • Monetizing your site – should you do it?
  • Author newsletters and how to gain subscribers
  • Privacy legislation – what you can and can’t do with your subscribers’ information

By the end of this two-day, 16-hour workshop, you’ll have identified your target audience, developed creative ways to reach them, and created a marketing plan for your book and yourself as an author.


Weekend Workshop:  Self-Publishing
$349 per person – Limited to 10 people

You’ve decided to make the leap and self-publish, hooray! This workshop will save you time, money, and frustration.

  • Cover art:  A classic case of DON’T do-it-yourself!
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Professional polish without the big price
  • Book aggregators
  • Audiobooks are the next e-books
  • Self-publishing scams and how to avoid them
  • Getting reviews to increase your street cred
  • Software tips and tricks to create top-quality e-books

By the end of this two-day, 16-hour workshop, you’ll have the tools and information to successfully self-publish your book in e-book and/or paper formats.


$995 – One person only

I’ll work with one person in a 3-month mentoring program.  (I’d love to do more, but I need to maintain my own writing schedule, too.)

We’ll meet for 3 hours, once per week for 12 weeks (in person or via internet) to discuss and develop your work in progress and/or bring it to market.

I’ll choose the successful applicant by random draw.  The next program begins in early August (dates to be arranged with the winner).  In order to have your name entered for the August to October program, you must apply before 10:00 PM PDT on July 31, 2019 using the application form below.

I know you’d love to stack the deck in your own favour, but please, only one application per person.  (I’ll discard duplicate applications to keep things fair.)