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Will you critique my manuscript or review my book?

I’m flattered when writers ask for my opinion!  I wish I could do this for you, but I just don’t have the time to deal with all the requests I get, and I don’t feel right about agreeing to some but not others.  So thanks for asking, but I don’t do critiques or reviews on request.

If you’re looking for writing advice and real-life examples of critiques, I highly recommend Janice Hardy’s “Fiction University” at  She has a huge library of writing advice and she does critiques of writers’ submissions every week.  If you read through her entire site, you’ll get an excellent writing education.

If you’re looking for reviews for your published work, your best bet is to find a compatible reviewer from places like the Book Blogger Directory at or The Indie Book Reviewers List:

I hope this helps – wishing you all the best in your writing career!

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