Casting Dreams

This is it:  Our chance to fantasize about who might play our favourite characters if a movie were ever made!  ‘Like’ your favourites on Pinterest, and/or drop your suggestions or the links to your own boards in the comments below.

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Candidates for Aydan:


Candidates for John:


Candidates for Arnie:


Candidates for Spider:


Candidates for Stemp:


Candidates for Carl Germain:


Candidates for supporting characters:


More boards coming – check back soon! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Casting Dreams

  1. If you’re looking for actors to identify as John, I’m thinking Dean Cain or Jon Tenney. However, there’s also the possibility of cutting off a handsome head and placing it on a ripped body. 😉


  2. OMG! OMG!!!! Okay…. I haven’t thought this all the way through…. Hellhound always sounded like Sam Elliott in my head…. but I never thought of an actual “casting” of characters…. I will have to ponder this further….and maybe join Pinterest?!?!?!?! UGH!

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    • Okay….I’ve got a start on some ideas…..
      Aydan options(???): Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields, Teri Hatcher
      John Options:Jeffrey Dean Morgan, John Krasinski (YUMMY)
      Hellhound: Christian Bale, Dermot Mulroney
      Spider: Christopher Gorham, Jesse Eisenberg
      Linda: Britt Tobertson, Dove Cameron
      Germain: Djimon Hounsou, Shemar Moore, Rufus Frederik
      Lola: Julie Walters
      Tyler Brock: Seth Green
      Stemp: Stanley Tucci
      Moonbeam: Helen Miran, Susan Sullivan
      Karma: Nigel Barber
      Skidmark: Gary Oldman,

      Yeah…. I can do this all day! LOL


  3. Ooh Karen, not bad, Rhys. I wouldn’t have thought of him at first, but you’re right, totally gawky. I’ll go Sam Elliot for Hellhound, and Peta Wilson be awesome for Aydan. She is badass with weapons, bikes and attitude that won’t quit. And then if you had her, Roy Dupuis would be perfect as John Kane (and he’s Canadian too, eh!). Just sayin. And all the la Femme Nikita fans would die happy.

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  4. I think we should have Tommy Lee Jones in the mix somewhere and maybe Rip Torn, but maybe I just have a soft spot for both of them

    I have always gone for older men

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  5. Yes yes yes, um pretty pretty. Oh God my dreams could be even more vivid now.

    I was kinda thinking rhys ifans for spider, as he’s all elbows and knees


      • You definitely need to check Rhys Ifans out in the movie, “Notting Hill” with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, It’s a terrific romantic movie, but THAT Rhys as Spider is far too quirky, unattractive and stupid. I’m sure the actor is able to look more presentable, and intelligent, and he does have a spidery body. Still, I’m not sure he’s Spider.

        The beefcakes you’ve posted for Kane don’t seem to have ever been hockey players who played without face protection. It’s a tall order to fill- not all that traditional handsomeness, yet a ripped torso, tall, broad shoulders, gray eyes that are devastating in a smile, and a scary-big package.

        The guys you’ve nominated for Hellhound are all pretty close physically, but there is none of the facial damage described that must be present if the guy is to play that role.

        I think the nominations for Aydan are mostly too skinny to worry about muffin tops, an extra 10 pounds, or jiggly bits. I like the understated beauty of Anna Gunn, but I can’t even imagine Jane Lynch with long red hair, and I can’t imagine she could be tough AND sympathetic.

        As much as I venerate Judi Dench, I don’t think she is the purple or pink-haired pixie you’ve described. I think she’d have the voice and the naughtiness to pull it off, but I just can’t see her dressed as Lola dresses.

        I like all the nominations for Moonbeam Meadow Sky, Karma, and Skidmark. I think Nichele, Tom, and Linda would be the easiest to cast. What a fun exercise, though.


        • That’s the thing, isn’t it? I couldn’t find actors who were perfect for any of the main characters because Aydan and John and Arnie are far too clear in my mind. The supporting characters are much easier to cast!


    • Oh no no no…. Spider has to be that “wholesome, cute, nerdy” boy next door…… Rhys has too much character to be so “timid” and “wholesome” as Spider…. he would NOT blush at sexual innuendos!!!!


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