Book Club Startup

Hi All –

This isn’t the official Book Club page, but I wanted to get your input before I went ahead and set it up.  Here are some thoughts that came up for me, and I’m sure you have lots of ideas, too.

Please discuss the following, and feel free to bring up more questions and ideas.  If we’re going to go ahead with the Club, I want it to be something that everyone will enjoy.

Thank you in advance for your input!

  1. My original concept was to use the Book Club to discuss the Never Say Spy books and series in depth.  Is this what you had in mind?
  2. Would you like me to participate in the discussions or only moderate?  Or would you prefer to do a format where a question is discussed without my input for a set period of time and then I add my perspective to it later?
  3. Would you like a regular ‘ask the author’ forum where you can ask me any questions you want, or would you prefer to let those questions happen organically as part of the ongoing discussions?
  4. Would you like a dedicated forum where you can chat and recommend books to each other?  (This would be an ongoing page and I likely wouldn’t participate regularly.)

Looking forward to your replies! 🙂

12 responses to “Book Club Startup

  1. Susan

    yes to all 4.


  2. Count me in!!! So excited to chat about the books! I’ve gotten my landlord hooked, but she reads sooooo much slower than I do! She’s just now starting on book 9 and I am anxiously awaiting the next release!!!! LOL

    I would love it to have you participate – without you, there would be no books! But you can be sly if you wish and evade complete answers if they will spoil the direction the series is heading!!!! 😉

    I think an organic flow would be best. Are you going to have different “threads” for each book? Or just a full on assault on the entire series? It might be hard to keep the books straight during discussion….

    Recommendations would be cool, but perhaps on a separate “thread” so as not to muddy up the conversation. It will be interesting to see what parts of the books draw each reader…the action? the “romance”? the comedy? Or all of it!

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  3. Karen

    I wanna bag a spot in the shade but on a comfy chair with loads of cushions well I like to be comfy and not too hot. Might as well have a big cooler near me its nice to stay hydrated.

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  4. Barbara B Novak

    I like the idea of the back patio

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  5. moondance4me

    I like all the suggestions as I tend to like listening more than being more vocal. I wouldn’t mind giving an opinion occasionally, if asked. Discussing all of the “Spy” series would be great. I think, perhaps, an open discussion once in a while, about other books in the spy/adventure theme could be interesting too. Maybe a separate section for that? GLB had the right idea about sitting around the patio with some beers, discussing the discussions. Post a time when those interested could join in then we could all meet on-line in the book club “back patio”, (as it were) and have our cold beers with us. 😉

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  6. Barbara B Novak

    I’d be interested in the first 3 suggestion.
    The fourth would detract from what I’d like to share and learn from you

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  7. Candy lucas

    1. I would love to discuss the Spy series with others who have read them as well.

    2. It would be fun to have you participate to hear more of what you were thinking, if what was alluded to was really where your brain was going or if mine is more weird than yours. 😉

    3. Part of the discussion/interaction would be good.

    4. I would prefer more informal with your participation

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  8. Julie

    1 – yep sounds great, just rereading them again now and not doing anything else with my life 🙂
    2 – PARTICIPATE please 🙂
    3 – Organic would work best for me
    4 – yep also sounds good

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  9. Karen

    I tend to agree, I think it would be great if you were involved with the book club, but I wouldn’t want it to stop you writing.
    Totally selfish, I love your books and devour them much quicker than you can write them

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  10. 1.Sure, that works.
    2.I’d like to see you spend as much time there as you can spare…unless it would keep you away from the piano. Can’t have that. 🙂
    3.Why would it not work both ways? Surely some aspect of some discussion will trigger another question, right? Ask it then, and let it trigger still more discussion. If we were all sitting around out on a patio drinking some beers, that’s the way it would happen there, right?
    4. Couldn’t that be part of the deal anyway? Just drop the comment in as an FYI with a little blurb after it? Dunno about this one.

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    • Diane
      I’d love to be a part of this, however not until May 15th. I have to finish my grad program first. To answer your questions
      1. Yes, this is exactly what a book club should be doing.
      2. I would like to moderate if that is the format you’re going for. If not, I definitely want to participate.
      3. To have an “ask the author” forum is a little sterile sounding to me. It would work really well, but just from reading your posts and responses to others you do not sound like a “sterile” kind of gal. I think you could have a small “ask the author” on the sidelines, but I think with your personality adding comments organically would be great way to connect with your readers on another level.
      4. To have a dedicated forum is a good idea, BUT use facebook for that and don’t take up book club space. That could even be fan supported and you wouldn’t necessarily need to be there at all. You are a busy woman, and you don’t have all the time in the world to watch over everything. Concentrate on what is important first and foremost.

      Thanks for the series…I’m going to purchase the hard copies of the series because lets face it. It’s a must!!!

      Take care,
      Best and Blessings,
      Cait Needha

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