This was us yesterday.  It wasn’t a new phone book that got us all excited, though; it was our new house!  (Or at least part of it.)

If you’re visiting for the first time, here’s a bit of background:  After living in Calgary, Alberta for 30 years or so, we finally decided to make a move to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  We bought land near Qualicum Beach in September of 2016, and for the past three months we’ve been living in a hotel while our house is being built.

We didn’t have the time or budget to build from scratch, so we decided to go with a modular home on a crawl space:  an innovative Cape Cod style from Gordon’s Homes in Nanaimo, BC.  (Ours is actually a little larger than the one in their photos).  Then we’re going to add on a main entrance/mudroom and a garage and workshop.

The site clearing, excavation, and concrete pouring have been exciting to watch… but seeing the two halves of the modular arrive yesterday was a real thrill!  Now they’ll install the three second-storey dormers (those will go on today), do the last of the interior finishing, and build on the additions.

Here are some photos of our progress to date.  Only a few more weeks ‘til we can move in! (Fingers crossed.)  🙂

Back in September, before we started

We have REALLY big gophers…

Forms for the perimeter footings

Hubby’s handiwork in one of the footings

The crawl space poured and backfilled

The crawl space insulated and ready for the house at 7:30 AM

And here it comes…

Part 1

Part 2

The roof unfolds just like opening a box. (Okay, maybe a bit more complicated.)

Most of the interior finishing is already done at the factory

Here’s how we left it for the day, only 11 hours later

…but we’re sure going to miss this view when we move! At least it’ll only be 15 minutes away.



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34 responses to “Progress…

  1. When I saw the photos of the two halves coming together I started to sing You are the Queen of my double wide trailer with the polyester curtains and the redwood deck. Sorry. My mind works that way, ping pong ball in a tornado sort of. Of course once the roof is on, it does look like a real house and will be gorgeous with all the extras not shown so far. When you say workshop, is it writing or woodworking or car fixing?


    • Ha! Sammy Kershaw always makes me laugh! There’s a lot of progress already – all three dormers have been installed upstairs and the garage/workshop/addition got shingled yesterday. We’ll have a four-bay garage, plus the 30′ x 40′ workshop for woodworking, metalworking, welding, and other goodies. The workshop also has an overhead door so if we need to pull in a vehicle (say, perhaps, my ’53 Chevy for autobody work) we’ll be able to do it. The second floor with the dormers will be my writing, sewing, and workout hideaway, and Hubby gets a mancave on the main floor for his giant TV. Right now, though, we’d settle for just a corner to call our own – we’ll be homeless again at the end of the week, and possibly living in a half-ton camper until we get occupancy. At least the weather is bit warmer now. I just keep trying to be patient…


  2. Janet Norris

    Love the “fast forward” house building…Looks great Diane!


  3. Vancouver Island is a great place to live. I live in QB too. Have been here 2 years. Good luck with the house. It looks great.


  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! I love that construction-coming-together stuff! I can imagine your excitement and I’m excited for you! You’re forgiven if you’d rather watch your house than write :-), I would too.


    • Thanks, Janet – it’s very exciting! Right now I’ve got paint swatches stuck up on the wall of our hotel room. I suck at choosing colours, so I’m agonizing over two intensities of pale yellow and pale blue. I’m afraid the light one will be too light, but the dark one will be too dark. Hubby just rolls his eyes.

      The truth is that I want to write just as much as I want to work on the house; but I can’t do both and I need a place to live, so the house is winning. We have to be out of our hotel next week, and then we’ll be housesitting for three weeks and hoping our place will be ready by the time the homeowners come back from their vacation. No pressure… 😉


  5. This is very exciting, Diane! Though, admittedly, I’m more excited about the workshop. I would love to have a proper art studio and the workshop is close enough. I can’t wait to see more pictures.


  6. It looks great! Congratulations on your new abode.


  7. How exciting! There’s something so wonderful about moving into a home where no one’s lived yet. Only happened to me once, but it was a surreal moment. Just think–you’ll get to be the first one who’s ever used your toilet. 😄

    Love what your hubby did with the fresh concrete. Very sweet.


  8. jenny_o

    I’m almost as excited as Steve Martin and it’s not even my house! That is going to be beautiful, and how amazing that it can be done so quickly. You have a beautiful setting for your home too. (What a rainbow you caught in the shore picture, by the way.)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the free book, Diane! I read 200 pages in one sitting and had to take a break for a couple of days while my abs recovered (I was reading on the computer, where I hunch unhealthily :)) Great plot, so smoothly written which makes for an immensely readable book – and your characters are memorable and likeable (except for the bad guys, who are just memorable :)). I will leave a review when I get over this bronchial bug – when I’m thinking at my best again. Again – thank you for making this one freely available – it’s good advertising for the rest!


    • Thank you so much, @jenny_o! I’m pumped that you’re enjoying Never Say Spy! (Sorry about your abs, though.) 😉 Your bronchial bug sounds nasty – that’s no fun at all. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

      That rainbow was amazing! You can’t really see it in the photo, but there were actually two rainbows, one much fainter. That’s the wonderful thing about living where there’s lots of rain. Maybe we’ll get complacent about it eventually… “Oh, another rainbow. Ho-hum.” …but I think it’ll take a while. 🙂


  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a marvelous new place you have! Y’all’re gonna LOVE it there!

    Okay, now back to work. March is two-thirds gone, and you’re not even through PLOTTING yet??!! 🙂

    Like I should talk. Been at this since the first week of August in 2014, and I’m not through yet. With either the writing OR the plotting. Much less figuring out how I’m gonna get this thing published.

    Past 625k and 1,250 pages, and clearly a trilogy now…when I finally decide where to put the division between Books 2 and 3. I’ve narrowed it down to two places; should be an easy choice, but it isn’t. Funny how that works, huh?

    See, you’re in great shape compared to where I am! Just ignore me. I’ll slink away now and get back to work at my day job… 🙂


    • LOL! The “plotting” isn’t as dismal as it looks – I always leave it at less than 100% until the book is completely written because there are usually a few little twists that don’t get added until the very last.

      My writing progress has been extremely disappointing, though. We hired a project manager who (we thought) would do all the coordination and site management. Instead, we’ve ended up being on site every day, and every time I sit down to write the phone rings with another issue that requires a day of my time. My “normal” writing schedule requires 80% of my waking hours; and the move and house have been consuming about 70%. Making up the 50% shortfall by lying awake at night having anxiety attacks didn’t seem to be helping (though I’m still doing it anyway), so something had to give. I wasn’t happy with the book, anyway, because it hadn’t gotten the attention it needed. I’m still miserable that I missed my self-imposed deadline, but not as miserable as if I’d pumped out the book just for the sake of the deadline and then felt ashamed of its quality afterward.

      Good luck with the “great divide” in your novel – you’ll figure it out!

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      • Gad, I’d love to be able to spend 80% of my time writing!

        This move has been a lot harder than it’s looked from out here, clearly. But regardless of how bad it seems to be going, at some point it’s gonna be completely over and done with. In spite of all the idiots, nincompoops, and bozos one must deal with, it’s STILL gonna get done. So chill, take your time, and get it right. We’ll wait. Not patiently or quietly, but we’ll wait. 😜


        • Thanks for that! 🙂

          And I only wish I could spend 80% of my time actually putting words on a page. That’s what I love doing, but instead most of my time is used up by all the activities of publishing, production, and promotion. I rarely get more than 8 hours a week to actually “write”. But (ever the optimist) I keep trying!

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          • Intended to ask earlier. Current projected move-in date? And approximate BS factor to be applied? (Learned long ago that the first demands the second. Which you also have learned before now, of course.)



    Such a good idea and it looks huge, Diane! Lots of love and new memories in your new life – you will love the coast.

    I lived in Edmonton for 26 years and I only go back to visit my daughter and her family. Would never move back. Valerie


    • Thanks, Valerie! It’s funny; when the two halves arrived on the truck we thought, “It looks so small!” Then when they were craning it off the truck we thought, “It looks huge!” Then we went inside where all the construction materials were stacked and thought, “It’s so small!” I’m sure we’ll flip-flop another dozen times at least. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that it feels “huge” once we get moved in. 😉

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  11. el Tea

    Zero to sixty in seven seconds flat. Wow! Impressive! Incredible!


  12. You’re going to need a really big trap to deal with a gopher of that size …

    Enjoy the new place!

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