Just Plain Crazy… With Birds

Last week I called myself a “Crazy Plant Lady”, but after an immensely busy and stressful week I’ve decided that my state of mind has nothing to do with plants.  And considering the invective pouring from my mouth, I sure as hell ain’t no lady.  So that leaves me just plain ‘crazy’.

And I am.  Or if I’m not quite there yet, I’ll certainly be arriving there in short order.

I won’t bore you with the events of the week, except to say it’s a wee bit chaotic to have two real estate properties listed while simultaneously trying to arrange the construction of a new house a thousand kilometres away, pack without messing up our current house so we can show it to prospective buyers, and still carve out some time for my ‘real’ job of writing.

This is all just a long-winded way to say I’m writing this very late on Tuesday night; I’m flying out of Calgary early Wednesday morning (I’ll be in the air by the time you read this); and I don’t have time to write my usual blog post.

But I’ve got birds.

I shot these video clips through our front window earlier this summer before things got quite so hectic, and now I’m sharing them so we can all take a long slow breath, relax, and watch the birds enjoying our little pond and waterfall.  (View the video fullscreen if you can – the birds are pretty tiny.)


(The music is from the “Reflections:  Songbirds At Sunrise” album, and the track title is “New England Spring”.  Thanks to Reflections for allowing the music to be used on YouTube, and thanks to YouTube for paying the artist from the ads that appear on this video!)

P.S.  I likely won’t have internet access until this evening, so I’ll check in then – “talk” to you later!  🙂



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35 responses to “Just Plain Crazy… With Birds

  1. Ted

    Amazing, we rush around trying to balance our time between sanity and madness, yet the birds have life sorted out. Fly, eat, bath and sleep. Feathered simplicity. We could all learn something from them.

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  2. Very soothing video Diane. Hoping life calms down for you very soon.

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  3. I gotta ask, but you don’t gotta answer. You weren’t using a tripod when you were filming, were you?


  4. Oh my, that is beautiful

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  5. “An island of calm in an ocean of storms.” Dunno where I heard that or who said it first, but it fits.

    Thanks. I needed that.

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  6. What a lovely view, I hope that you get to build something that nice in your new location not enjoy as well. (I also hope you don’t mind if I show hubby the video so we can perhaps co-opt the idea in our backyard, LOL). Glad you had good travels, breathe…..

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  7. Oh wow..I love the garden and the video!! That was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  8. Always good to have a nice relaxing video to fall back on, Diane. I could sit and watch birds flapping like that for hours!

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  9. I’ve been thinking about you, Diane, and wondering how the move is going. How stressful to have two properties for sale while trying to build a new place. As someone who just went through the process, I feel your pain, and your situation is more complicated than ours was. Best of luck with it all. When it’s all done, you’ll say, “Phew, how did we pull THAT off?” And then you’ll live blissfully ever after. 🙂

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  10. jenny_o

    I’m thinking “chaotic” doesn’t even begin to cover it! Good luck with everything.

    And, awwww, those birds are having SUCH a good time! I hope the new owners keep the waterfall and pond so the birds can continue to enjoy it.

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    • I hope so, too. Our climate in Calgary is so arid that there aren’t many places the little birds can get a drink. And it’s so much fun to watch them splashing around! They all have their “pecking order” – some days the little ones are flitting around as in the video; other days the robins take over the stream; and occasionally the magpies come and chase everybody else away. It’s constant entertainment. 🙂

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  11. loveday54

    Diane, thanks so much for the video – I needed a short stress reliever and watching those tiny birds playing was just the thing! Birds have always been a joy and the music you chose was perfect!

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  12. Madalyn (Maddi)

    soothing and restful. I’m going to play this music when trying to go to sleep tonight. I’m going to download so I’ll have it always. Better than a sleeping pill. The wee birds are precious. Thank you again for bringing me

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  13. wow amazing video
    good luck with everything you are doing this week and hope you have/had a safe flight

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