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  1. Kris

    Never Say Spy was AWESOME! Great characters (of a certain age like mine…). The book moved at a fast pace, and was so well written that I felt like I was watching a movie. Aydan is my favorite character so far. I’ll be excited to read more. I’ve spent too many late nights reading just one more page (which turns in to 20 or more). Thank you for a great read!!


    • Thanks, Kris – I’m pumped that you loved Never Say Spy! (We ‘characters of a certain age’ have to stick together, right?) ;-) I hope you enjoy the rest of the series, and thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment!


  2. Rich Eggleston

    I just finished “Never Say Spy.” Thoroughly enjoyed it. Sexy middle-aged characters are refreshing, especially when they’re horny.


  3. hayleymo

    I’ve been whizzing through your “Spy” books on Amazon UK Kindle, but my purchase of book 7 had just failed, and they’re all now listed as unavailable.
    Any idea what’s happening?
    I’d love to know how the story develops.


    • I’m sorry this glitch interrupted your reading – thank you for going to the trouble to get in touch with me! I just checked with Amazon UK and the listings look okay from my browser (and as far as I know I haven’t been banned, but who knows). ;-) Your best bet is to try the transaction again and if it still fails, check with Amazon (instructions and link below). If that doesn’t solve the problem or if they say it’s a problem with the books themselves, please email me and we’ll get it figured out:

      To contact Amazon about your transaction, use this link: In the left-hand pane at the very bottom, there’s a ‘Contact Us’ link. When you click on it, it’ll ask you to sign in with your Amazon ID and it should take you to a screen where you can fill in information about the transaction problem.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for reading the Spy series! :-)


      • hayleymo

        Thanks so much for your swift response, much appreciated.

        I’ve checked the “view all ten books in series” link, and you’re right, Amazon UK is now listing the full series again, no idea why they were showing as unavailable, but I’m glad it’s now resolved.

        Now about to start book seven, and would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I’m enjoying the series. I’d be hard pressed to choose between Spider and Hellhound as my favourite character, but they’ve both caught my imagination. I’m just hoping you haven’t killed them off in the later books!

        I’m also finding Stemp’s flashes of humanity interesting, it would have been easy to leave him as the irretrievably nasty boss.


        • I’m glad the download problem at Amazon resolved itself – it’s always nice when issues like that turn out to be only a temporary glitch.

          And I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the series! Without giving you any spoilers, I promise I haven’t killed off Spider or Hellhound. I love writing them both too much! I actually enjoy writing Stemp, too – he’s a very complex character who’s doing the best he can as he sees it… but that’s not always the way Aydan sees it. ;-)

          I hope you enjoy Book 7, and thanks for letting me know that all is now well with Amazon UK!


  4. Jack King

    I am reading your series, just finished book 4 and enjoyed all I have read. Looking forward to the rest. Keep up the good work. I get my books from B&N for my Nook. You get five stars from me.


  5. Makenzi

    Offering a book for free is a sure fire way to get me interested in a new series. I love how the majority of the spies think that Aydan is a spy as well. Those moments are always enjoyable and I hope to see more of them in the following books. My favorite character besides Aydan would have to be Spider. The story was actually a very good mystery and thriller. Even the cussing, served a purpose toward characterizing some people. I wasn’t a fan of the sex scenes. However they were grouped nicely enough so I could skip them without missing any of the plot or inter personal relationships. Thank you for such a wonderful and intriguing story.


    • Hi Makenzi – It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Never Say Spy, and I’m pleased to get a vote for Spider. His innocently geeky charm is so much fun to write! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the story despite the sex scenes, and I hope you like the rest of the series if you decide to give it a try.

      Thanks for taking the time to come by and comment – I appreciate it! :-)


  6. Ellis Phillips

    Five Stars for Never Say Spy! Favorite character is of course Aydan. On to the next book……Ellis Phillips




  8. Karen L.

    Hi Diane,

    I read your first spy book the other day and just bought the third. The first two were excellent!! Very well written, with characters that grab your attention and won’t let go. I love the Hellhound. Where can I get one.? LOL

    Kane and Webb are great too, but, of course, Aydan is my favorite. Love pretty much everything about her. I’m not quite sure she’s not a spy, but either way, she rocks!


    • Thanks, Karen! I’m pumped that you’re enjoying the series and the characters. And if only I knew where to find a Hellhound…! One of my readers wrote to tell me she had one, but she didn’t seem inclined to share for some reason. ;-)

      I hope you enjoy Book 3, and thank you for visiting and commenting!


  9. Carol Rozeboom

    I loved Never Say Spy! Rich characters … I can picture them and look forward to meeting them again!
    Carol in Minnesota.


  10. Barbara Smith

    Loved Never Say Spy, especially Kane and Aydan. Can’t wait to see what comes next!


  11. Juanita Howell

    Hi Diane – Just read your first spy book and I really, really enjoyed it! In fact, I bought the second book “The Spy is Cast” a few minute ago. I have this feeling I will be buying the rest of them sooner or later. Please keep the spy books coming. I am from Tennessee. Thank you. Juanita


    • Thanks, Juanita – it’s nice to hear from you all the way from Tennessee! I’m so glad you enjoyed Never Say Spy, and I hope you’ll enjoy The Spy Is Cast, too (and the rest of the series if/when you get to it). I appreciate your encouragement – thanks again! :-)


  12. Beth Y

    Thank you for letting us peek into this crazy, wonderful world of Ayden’s! I love the way you blend dry humor, cynicism, and sarcasm with sincerity and make these characters so loveable and real, that I feel like I know them as well as if they lived next door to me (oh, wouldn’t THAT be all kinds of fun!).

    I’ve read through the series twice, and might need to do it again in preparation for #10. You’ve inspired me to try my own blog as well, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I can be even half as funny.



  13. Lila Downey

    Move over Stephanie Plum, Aydan Kelly is here! I think I read all nine books within a week! Can’t wait for ten. Awesome series.


    • Thanks, Lila! I’m so flattered by the comparison to Stephanie Plum – I always get a laugh out of that series! And I hope to have a release date for Book 10 very soon – it all depends on my beta readers at this point. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t have too many edits… ;-)


  14. tricia

    ANTICIPATION – I can’t wait for book 10! So excited for the early release. YOU ARE AWESOME!

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  15. Deb Goodwin

    I just finished book 1. I loved it.I laughed so much. Can’t wait to start the next one.


  16. pj

    Just finished ” Never say Spy” what a excellent read. Great character portrayals, wonderful plots with enough twists and turn to keep you on your toes. Yes i will read the series. Thank you for sharing you stories.


  17. karen smith

    Hi again,

    I finished the last of book 9, on sunday morning loved it. Cant wait for the next one.

    I missed Spider and the others in the last one, but it was nice to see Aydan holding her own, like others I missed Kane and Hellhound in the ealy half of the book but Aydan is a strong character and it didn’t suffer for being all about her.

    cant wait for the next one.

    Keep up the good work

    Karen xx


    • Hi Karen! I’m glad the absence of Spider, Kane, and Hellhound didn’t bother you enough to spoil the story for you. Book 9 was a bit of an experiment, but the usual gang will be back in action as usual in Book 10. Thanks for your encouragement – it was great to get a lift today! :-D


  18. Alec Harris

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Never Say Spy. I definately will be reading the rest of the books in the series, if they are half as good. Just to let you know Hellhound is my favorite character. Although, I would be proud to have any of the main characters for a friend. Now if there was only a bar like Blue Eddys here.


    • Hi Alec – I’m glad you liked Never Say Spy! I love writing Hellhound, and I wish there was a Blue Eddy’s here, too. I keep going to bars (strictly for research, of course *wink*) but I haven’t found Blue Eddy’s yet. I guess more research is required. ;-)

      Thank you for stopping by to comment, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!


  19. Patt Renteria

    You hooked me with the first one. I believe it was last year. I had to find the next then the next. Now that I’ve caught up, it’s time to wait. I’m not sure if I want to see Aydan settle down but it sure fun wondering what mischief is going to knock on her door. I have even reread all nine several times over. Ayden just makes me improve my outlook since I’m close in age to her. Talk about adventure. Don’t forget to give us a treat and give us more info on the boss. His parents are a hoot and it would be fun to have some details of his growing up years.

    I’m looking forward to the continuing saga.



    • Thanks, Patt! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series, and I’m flattered to hear that you thought it was worth re-reading. I loved writing Stemp’s parents – they were so much fun! They’ll definitely be back, and I can hardly wait to see what happens when I put Stemp in the same room with them. I have a feeling sparks might fly… ;-)

      Thank you for dropping by to comment – I appreciate your kind words!


  20. I’m truley sorry that Amy took offence at the F word and she has every right not to read any more of your work. I’m just sorry that she’s limiting her enjoyment because of one word. Fornication under the consent of the King.
    That word is the one she objects to. Look up the history of that word. Its a story all to itself. I know times change and language does too. People choose to fight their battles. I choose to skip over it and don’t let it bother me . Anyway I like your stories and I’m sorry others don’t. I’ll read all you care to write and if I object to something I’ll tell ya. Sorry if I said anything hurtful,,was not my intent.


    • Thanks for your support, cathbridge. I don’t use that language with the intention of causing offense, but I do try to give readers fair warning in the blurb where it says Aydan is fond of ripe language. By offering the first book for free, I feel as though I’ve been as fair as I can to readers – if they try it despite the blurb and don’t like the language, at least they didn’t have to pay for it. And even though I’m always sorry to hear that someone’s been turned off the series, I do appreciate it when readers are kind enough to compliment me on the characters and storyline even when they’re not comfortable with the language.

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  21. amy shirey

    Just wanted to tell you my thoughts about Never Say Spy. I loved the story line and the characters were wonderful. There is just one problem. The F word. I would have enjoyed it so much more without that. While I enjoyed this book, I will not be reading the others because of that.


  22. karen smith

    Ok ive never actually left a message for the author of a book before. But I have to say I love the books, I read nay devour them, I think ive read a book a day for the last week I just finished book 6. I will be treating myself to the last 3 (so far she asks hopefully) when im at work at the end of the week. But that means 2 days of not knowing what happens in the next book.
    Still I guess I can read something else for now.
    I keep hoping Ayden and Kane and up together, but the I think what about poor Hellhound.

    I so hope there will be more

    thanks for the great reads


    • Thanks, Karen – I’m flattered to be your first! :-) I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series, and yes, there are more books coming. Book 10 should be out by the end of summer, and there will be at least two more books after that (maybe more, but I don’t know yet).

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the series, and I really appreciate you taking the time to come by and comment. Thanks again!


      • karen smith

        Yey, im a happy bunny.
        I downloaded books 7, 8 and 9
        and your writing more books
        im easily pleased in some ways 😉
        looking forward to diving into the book and see what everyone is getting up to this time.

        hope you have a great day, I know I will curled up on the sofa with Aydan, Kane and Hellhound

        karen xx


  23. Kristeen

    THANK YOU! One of my friends recommended the series and although I only get to read once in a while when I am commuting I am always happy to break out my Nook and remember I am reading something really great!


  24. Diane Dell'Aquila

    Thanks Diane for a great series with an inspiring middle aged heroine and heroes.Just finished reading from book 1 to book 9 this last week & I have to say I’m looking forward to the next twists and turns in book 10.
    I hope to read more about Spider & more development in the Kane /Arnie dynamic.I agree with an earlier comment,I wouldn’t be sad to see Tom develop a romantic interest elsewhere but still remain friends with Ayden but keep his antagonistic edge with Kane & Arnie.
    It would also be great to see Stemp able to live with his family.
    Also I hope the porn star cover can be dropped.
    Thanks again


    • Thanks, Diane! I’m sure Aydan would love to see the porn star cover dropped as well… but I’m not quite sure what Stemp has in store for her yet. ;-)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the series so far – wow, you really blew through it! I’ll do my best to serve up some more twists and turns in #10. Thanks for dropping by to comment!


  25. Catherine McDonald

    I finally finished book 8. You have out done yourself woman. First off you have a woman pudding fiftey doing things she’s never dreamed of doing. Two hunkie 50 year olds who turn her world upside down. You have neeto sci-fi realities. Some crazy good characters that liven up the show. Unbelievable. If this doesn’t get made into a series of movies those guys don’t know sh.. Squat. You go girl thank you for the ride. Waiting on the next installments.


    • Catherine McDonald

      Not pudding 50. Pushing 50. Sorry haha.


      • LOL! I knew what you meant, but I kinda like “pudding”. ;-) I’m so glad you enjoyed the series, and thanks for the vote of confidence – I’d love to see it made into movies! That’s on my list of things to pursue, maybe toward the end of this year, though it’s a long shot at best. But hey, stranger things have happened, right?

        By the way, Book 9, SPY HIGH is already available – I don’t know if you’ve already read it and just typed ‘8’ by mistake, but just in case, here’s the link: Thanks for reading! :-)


  26. Hi, just read all 9 of your Never Say Spy books in under a week (is that a record?). Love the way you write and a part from saying “clip” when you mean “magazine” (re: guns) I enjoyed every aspect of your books.

    Any chance you can bring out slightly edited versions for the YA market? I think my daughter would also enjoy your books but um, I’m still debating whether they’re suitable or if she needs to wait a couple of years. :)


    • Hi Julie! Wow, I think that’s pushing a record, all right. I’m pumped that you enjoyed the series that much! :-D

      And, agh! *facepalm* Thank you for mentioning the “clip” issue. When I wrote the first books I had a bad habit of using the words “clip” and “magazine” interchangeably even though I knew better (I try to keep the narrative interesting by not repeating words too frequently). I gradually managed to correct myself in the later books, but I had completely forgotten how often I’d misused “clip” in the earlier ones. I just finished going through all my books today and fixing that, so the corrected versions will be available soon. I really appreciate you mentioning it!

      I’m afraid my books aren’t likely to make it to the YA market. I considered doing abridged versions, but I used the “adult” language and situations intentionally (more on that here:, and I don’t know how to separate those qualities from the characters without fundamentally changing them (not to mention I wouldn’t know where to draw the line on profanity and sexual content since everybody’s tolerances are different). So for now I’d say “probably not”, but anything could happen down the road. ;-)

      Thanks for asking, though!


      • Thanks for responding Diane, I did notice that you limited the use of “clip” in later books but there were one or two in there :) Glad to hear that you’ve now fixed them.

        I totally understand about the YA situation :)


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        • Zoë

          Hi. I’m 13 and thoroughly enjoyed the books.I hear worse at school, and the inappropriate parts, well the boys talk about worse. I found them so amazing, just make sure it is not near exams as I am really frustrated that I can’t read any more until after exams. Revision and stuff. Still, ultimately, it’s your call.


  27. Al Doherty

    Just read Never Say Spy. One of the best I’ve read in a while and I read 6 to 8 books a month. The plot was unusual, tightly drawn. The sexual tension just right and fulfilled at the right moment. I look forward to reading more of your books.


    • Thanks, Al – I’m glad you enjoyed Never Say Spy, and I’m flattered to get praise from a voracious reader! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series, and thanks again for taking the time to drop by and comment! :-)


  28. Catherine B. McDonald

    I’ve just finished the first 4books. Between yelling ,laughing, and crying I can honestly say youwoman are a fine story teller. Never enjoyed so much in so short a time( 3. Days). Thankfully my husband is out of town. I’ve been staying up all night reading. Any who need to start on book 5. Thank you and God bless.


    • Hi Catherine – Ah, there’s nothing like uninterrupted reading time! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series that much – thank you for dropping by to tell me! I hope you like the rest of the books (and don’t forget to sleep now and then). ;-)


  29. Jim

    I just read Spy High and loved it. You got her away from her computer and she has become even more awesome than before. I have been waiting for this book and now look forward to the next.


  30. Gotta say I love the Spy series. Great characters, superb plots, and just enough suspense not to scare the crap out of me. lol


  31. Jim Watson

    Spent all my free time over the last 3 weeks reading all 9 of your spy books.
    Hope you get number 10 done soon. I really enjoyed reading this story and must admit you have a devious mind. Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks, Jim! Being told I have a devious mind is a great compliment, and I’m glad you enjoyed the series! :-) I’m hard at work on Book 10, and you can track my progress by clicking on the “Click here for details” link to the right, under the image of the book covers. The progress graph is also available on the Books page.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting!


  32. Richard White

    I have just read my first Aden novel and loved it. Whilst a good story is important for me so are well written characters. I got both and putting it down tested my will power. I am delighted to find it is a series. Also like many others it is enjoyable to have a heroine who is a mature individual.



    • Thanks, Richard – I’m so glad you enjoyed Never Say Spy! And thank you for dropping by to let me know – you gave me my first smile of the day. :-)


      • Glad I made you smile. I also posted a review on to try and entice some more Brits to try you out.

        Off now to plan my own virtual reality – medieval re-enactment. I have just received a list of which castles we get to play in this year.


        • Oh, very cool! We have the Society for Creative Anachronism over here and every now and then they take over our archery range with their longbows and costumes. Is that similar to what you do?

          And thank you so much for taking time to do a review – I appreciate it! :-)


          • Not really as we take great care to be historially accurate where as the SCA is more about creating their own reality. What it does mean is that we get invited to put on shows in some very cool places like Dover Castle. Even better we get to camp overnight in them. Also ourweopans are real as possible within the bunds of safety as our also accurate armour is pretty effective and you rarely get more than bruises.

            I only go on the battlefield when they really are desparate for numbers being in my late fifties and nowhere near as fit as other that could be mentioned. I normally enjoy myself playing a mouthy cleric of some variety as 11/12th century clergy did not consider being politically correct a priority. For instance Bishop Odo of Bayeux commanded the rear gaurd at Hastings.


  33. Sue Weinberg

    Oh, the bruises are part of the fun (I know, it sounds weird, but it’s true). I fought in the SCA for years, and when I lose a bit of weight and fit back in my armor I would like to get back into it. You don’t notice the bruises while you are fighting- too much adrenaline-and afterwards you can compare the pretty colors of your battles scars. And the bruising makes you a better fighter-it’s incentive to improve your blocking technique.
    The castles do sound really cool!!!


    • Owning your own armour is approximately the coolest thing ever! And you’re making me feel a lot better – everybody looks at me like I’m nuts when I get hurt kickboxing, so I’m glad I’m not the crazy one out there! :-)


      • The one time I was a combatant I had a thick padded linen gambeson to absorb the impact under chain mail with a full face helm in my head again padded with a quilted linen arming cap underneath. Add to this a wooden kite shield which defends from knee to shoulder height and I took on a hefty rugby/American football player 3 decades my junior. I gave him flying lessons and he still got up and carried on. Just for the record I am not fit or terribly keen on pain but I would do it again if we were really short of warriors.

        Cripes , sell gambeson’s though I wouldn’t use any of them on the field, they are strictly for show.


  34. Sue Weinberg

    My armor is heavy leather body armor with steel arms/legs/shoulder/gauntlets and a steel bassinet helmet with a barred faceplate. When I fought with a sword I used a metal heater-shaped shield (shorter than a kite shield-think traditional shield-shape). When I fought with a spear or polearm/glaive I did not use a shield.

    I have worn chainmail although not to fight in. It’s pretty and moves well, and is good protection against real (edged) weapons, but for safety we fight with rattan weapons, and chainmail is not great protection, the force of the blow goes right thru it rather than being spread out by more rigid armor. I did know people who fought in chainmail but I never did understand it, except that they wanted to be more authentic.

    Our fighting is not separated by age/gender/size. I am a 5′ female; when I started fighting there were very few women fighters so most of my opponents were men twice my size/weight. I had a ball!!! Some tournaments do limit participation based on experience so new fighters can compete against others with similar experience/skills. Or there might be a tournament for a specific weapon type, but in general anyone can end up fighting any other authorized fighter.

    And BTW, Diane, a lot of people think I’m crazy too, but we both know the truth about adrenaline-fueled fighting highs, right? It’s FUN!


    • LOL! Reminds me of that joke, “It’s all in good fun until somebody loses an eye… then it’s a sport!” You and Richard are certainly broadening my vocabulary with all these medieval terms. The next time I see anything medieval, I’ll be thinking of you both!


    • We also let women on the field it is one of our few compromises with authenticity. No one is stupid enough to underestimate the ladies. Mail with out the padding of a hauberk is a very silly idea for the reasons Sue mentions.

      If either of you is ever in England during the summertime try to get in contact and see if we have a show on. But the best time of all will be October 2016 at Battle. On the nearest weekend to the original battle just about every early medieval re-enactor in Euope will try and be there for the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, probably around a thousand fighters on the field, cavalry (no weopanry anywhere near the horses) and a good few non-combatants beside. I predict that the usurper Harold Godwinson will be vanquished and William the rightful king will take the throne. Normandieeeeeeeeeee! (apologies for the manic battle cry it sound better in the flesh)

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      • The Battle sounds like it’ll be an amazing spectacle! If by some chance I’m actually on your side of the pond in October 2016, I’ll definitely try to take it in. The thought of that battle cry coming from a thousand throats is sending a chill down my spine!


  35. Sue Weinberg

    Ditto- it sounds amazing, I would love to see it!
    I’m curious- what do the cavalry do? I used to be involved in a horse jousting group;not actual combat; we put on shows at Ren Faires. We would do mounted games like rings and quintain, mock combat. and jousting using breakaway lances (no one got knocked off their horses). Do they do something similar with the cavalry or are the horses there just to add to the atmosphere?


  36. Jane

    Picked up the first book in the series as a free kindle book but quickly bought the others. Obsessively read them – finished two of them in a single day! Saved books 8 & 9 for a cross-country flight this weekend. Finished both the first day and then didn’t have anything to read on the way back. :(

    So maybe, just maybe a certain red head can help Stemp figure out a way to take over his parents mission and bring his wife and daughter to stay there too so they can finally be a real family.

    I would propose possible solutions to the John/Arnie deal – but I haven’t a clue unless the story about Stemp’s parents was a hint as to what is to come with their love triangle.


    • Hi Jane – Thanks, it makes my day to hear how you devoured the series! :-D I feel your pain, though – there’s nothing worse than running out of reading material with a whole flight ahead of you.

      And I’m never quite sure what my characters are going to do, so I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens. Somehow Aydan’s solutions rarely turn out exactly the way she’d planned them…


  37. Dianne Reynolds

    I really enjoy reading your books. You have the perfect mix of love mystery and humor. Keep up the good work.


  38. Karen

    I join with many others who have dropped out of our lives to obsessively read the entire series non-stop. I really really want these characters to be real! I want to go and hang out with them at the bar and take self-defense with them and ride on the back of Arnie’s motorcycle. I am actually grieving that I cannot do these things. And having binged on 9 books, I am going to be crazy by the time #10 arrives. Please do whatever it is you do to be inspired to write more and more. Thanks for giving me my “me” time and my escape – it makes my real life seem less daunting!
    – 49 yo (50 in 2 months!) mom to 3 boys (youngest is 8 – yea, I know!) wife to the same man for 25+ years (how did I get to be old enough to have done anything for 25 years?) and feeling unexpectedly motivated to get in shape because of your books, dang you! :)


    • LOL! Oops, sorry about that. My bad. Maybe you should lie down until the urge passes…

      Wow, I have huge respect for anyone who’s capable of raising children and still finding time to read in between the 24/7 on-call duties. And I know exactly what you mean about the age thing – whose idea was it to sneak into my house at night and replace my body while I slept?!?

      I’m so glad you loved the series – thank you! I kinda want the characters to be real, too, but at least I get to spend most of my days with them without any actual danger. I think it’s the best of both worlds! ;-)


  39. Rita Jones

    Just finished book 9 of my Spy marathon…..could not put them down!! I cried, I laughed, and felt I was there every step of the way. Favorite character, Aydan of course, but favorite lover, now that’s a hard one. I adore Arnie and all their back and forth bantering…..but I have to root for John. While Arnie adores Aydan and even loves her in his own way, I think for John, she is his one and only(second to his job, of course!) So, my vote goes to John, and hopefully there is an ever after for them in their future.
    Thanks for transporting me to another world, if only for a short time. I look forward to #10!


    • Hi Rita – It makes my day to hear that you got so immersed in the series! I’m never quite sure what my characters are going to do next, so I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how it turns out. ;-)

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting – I appreciate it!


  40. patricia jones

    You are AWESOME! I just finished reading book 9. My favorite part was the scene with Arnie and Ayden in the tent and all the condom references. I laughed until I cried. Thanks for creating such great series with wonderful characters. I can’t wait for 10!


    • Thanks, I’m so glad you got some belly laughs! I laughed myself silly(er) writing that scene, too. I love writing this series because I never know what my characters are going to do or say.

      Off to work on Book 10 now, and find out what comes next… :-)


  41. Patrick

    As promised I bought Book 8 and just finished book nine. Both were most enjoyable and an interesting shift in the overall storyline. I’m anxious to see where this goes. BUT in keeping with your request for pointing out inconsistencies I must mention Book 9 and the role Nichele plays at the commune. I get she is a distraction to the bigger issues Aydan is facing but you have her passed out in the hands of Ratface. We know (others don’t yet) how that ends but you later note that she and Aurora (i think) steal some of Skidmark’s pot and that is how she loses touch with the events of the night. Eventually Nichele regains consciousness and fusses with her hair etc etc. My question is just how did Nichele get so wasted as to lose it. Couldn’t have been from Skidmarks stash could it, given that he grew his pot to be essentially impotent.

    Hopes for the future: Get rid of the cowboy/neighbor. Kane, Arnie, Stemp aren’t so insecure as to have little “pissing contests” over a girl. Develop the relationship with Stemp’s parents. Cool, enigmatic characters. I want to know Spider better.

    Target date for Book 10? that’s all for now. Thanks.



    • Hi Patrick – Argh, that inconsistency in Book 9 was just a matter of me not explaining well enough. Sorry about that – I get so caught up in writing the story that I forget that my readers don’t know everything that’s going on inside my head. Ratface actually drugged Nichele – it wasn’t anything to do with the pot. I should have clarified that in the scene where Karma is examining her. I’ll get that fixed, and thanks for pointing it out. But I can’t make any promises about Tom. ;-)

      Right now I’m planning to release Book 10 toward the end of this year, but that may change (hopefully get earlier) as I get farther into the writing phase.

      Thanks for commenting!


  42. Liisa Michelle Harkness

    love love love the spies series ….am just starting book 5 now. keep up the great work !!!


  43. Sue Weinberg

    Yes, I’m caught up on my sleep a bit, thanks.

    Your realistic character portrayals and the exciting twists and turns of Ayden’s relationships as well as her creativity and outside-the-box thinking have hooked me.

    I have to tell you that I actually see a lot of myself in Ayden. I’ve got 10 years on her and I’m short and brunette, but I have never gone for “girly” stuff. I wear jeans/sweats/t-shirts/sweatshirts almost exclusively (I will wear a dress maybe three times a year for religious services-primarily to keep my mom happy; fortunately jeans are OK to wear at work), I always wear a waist pack instead of carrying a purse, I ride a motorcycle, I have my dad’s old 22 rifle along with a couple of other guns (but I’m not nearly as good a shot as Ayden), and my absolute best friend (but without benefits) for the past 40 years is a guy-we were Best Person/Person of Honor at each other’s weddings. So I can definitely relate to your characters.

    When I read books with sex scenes I generally just skim them, I’m more interested in the story than the bedroom details, but I read and enjoy every word of your books.

    Do you ever travel for book signings? I would love to meet you in person. Based on your books I’m betting that you are an incredible person! I’m in Iowa-although right now our weather is very Canadian -cold and snow.



    • I thought I’d replied yesterday, but I guess WordPress ate my comment. Computers… they’re great when they work…

      Thank you for the lovely compliment! It sounds as though you and Aydan could be sisters. The three of us could all hang out together (though I’m not sure the rest of the world is ready for that). ;-)

      I haven’t done any travelling specifically for book signings, but I’ve been thinking of throwing in some personal appearances whenever I’m out and about if there’s enough interest. I’m not much of a traveler, but I do get around a bit. I’ve never been to Iowa, so who knows? And hey, if I get invitations to speak at a few libraries/bookstores/whatever in the same general vicinity, I might be able to swing a trip specifically for that. I guess we’ll see…

      If I’m going to be doing any personal appearances I’ll announce it in my weekly blogs and post it on the News page and on Facebook. Thanks for asking!


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