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378 responses to “Guest Book

  1. mary-anne goss

    Recently back from a trip through Canada, I came across your books while having a surf through Kobo. I looked at Aydan, and it was a case of stroppy female, near my age, and been around the blocks enough to know what do with friends with benefits, yes ticked all my boxes. Am now hooked,and am adding you to my list of favourite writers. Its even better that I know some of the places she’s been. Please keep writing.


    • Thanks, Mary-Anne! I hope you enjoyed your trip through Canada. I’m very pleased to be on your ‘favourite writer’ list, and I love it when I hear from readers who identify with Aydan! It’s nice to know she’s in good company. ;-)

      Thank you for taking the time to drop by and comment – I really appreciate the encouragement!


  2. Michial Schmitt

    Thanks to Robin Reads from Amazon, I was introduced to Aydan Kelly in their weekly releases and suggestions. I just finished “Never Say Spy”. Now what do I do?? With this book I just HAVE to add another author series to my already bulging collection of authors. This was a “can’t seem to put down” book. Once started, I just had to keep going because the flow of the story was so captivating. Now I have to get another to read. Very well done! Love the character immensely. As soon as I can find where to give it the 5 stars it deserves, I will. Thanks again.


    • Hi Michial – I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Never Say Spy, and thank you for taking the time to drop by and tell me. I’m flattered that you’re making room for me in your ‘author collection’, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series if/when you get to it. (I have a bulging ‘to-read’ pile myself, so I know it’s a mixed blessing – all those wonderful possibilities and no time to explore them.)

      Thanks again for your kind words – you gave me a smile today!


  3. Geoff Brown

    I’ve just read all 10 in the past few weeks – Brilliant!
    Please write faster!


  4. Dawn Walker

    My favorite book series! Love them!


  5. I grabbed my much neglected Tiny tablet to take on a family vacation to the Big Isle of Hawaii. It was a last minute gesture just in case I had time to tuck in a little reading! Much to my delete, I’m anticipating starting Book 4, and we’re still on vacation! Your female Gov’t Agent is just the right companion for a fun filled family vacation! While enjoying our family adventures, I anticipate the quiet times greatly, because I know Auden awaits! What a fun character! My favorite moments are when she experiences her own appreciation of her home, land & garden. I just love her resourcefulness & personal virtues!
    My favorite male character is her dear Biker friend. Their mutual respect and affection is something to desire!
    Your imagination & technical savvy is awe inspiring! Perfect vacation accompianment ! Looking forward to more!
    Maggie Long , Kapoho, Hi


    • Thanks, Maggie! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the series, and especially in such a beautiful setting. I looked out the window at the snow today and then clicked over to the Hawaii vacations page. ;-) Don’t know if we’ll get there, but it’s nice to dream.

      I’m so glad you like Hellhound, too – I love writing all my characters, but he’s one of my favourites! Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. Aloha!


  6. Lisa

    I read the first 6 books in 12 days. I can’t download the rest until I get some work done. The books are addictive!


  7. I am not a fan of the spy genre, am a prude when it comes to cussing, an old-fashioned romantic when it comes to love and sex, and one who would definitely not identify with a middle-aged female protagonist.
    So how does it come about that I couldn’t leave Book 1 alone unless absolutely forced to (which unkind fates duly did in mid-stream, to my fury)? Or that I am eagerly seeking an opportunity to launch further into the second?
    Well, I suppose it could be because they are exciting, gripping, amusing, witty, and fun generally. My only complaint is that Aydan suffers too much collateral damage, and dishes out too much of the same to colleagues and not enough to baddies.


    • Wow, thanks for persevering through all the strikes against Book 1! :-) I’m pleased that you were still able to enjoy the story in spite of everything. (And in later books Aydan does get better at figuring out who the true bad guys are and sending a little collateral damage their way.) I hope you enjoy Book 2!


  8. Leona

    I am a new fan but an avid one! I have finished #1 and #2 so far, am working on #3. I love the characters in your Never Say Spy series! The plots are fast paced and exciting with lots of twists. I love that you live in Alberta (somewhere!) as I am living in Calgary so it’s very cool that I can visualize some of the settings you use.


    • Hi Leona – It’s nice to hear from a ‘neighbour’! And it’s cool that you’re enjoying the references to places you know. (One of my other fans wrote to tell me that he’ll never drive through the underpass at Glenmore and Heritage again without looking for a dark blue panel van – you’ll see why when you get to Book 7.) ;-)

      Thanks for dropping by to comment!


  9. Garrick V.

    Hi Diane! Did anyone tell you that you look exactly as Aydan? And because I am in love with Aydan I’m falling for you as well. Just sent you a private e-mail. Sorry, can’t talk longer – I am on my way to book #4. Ttyl!

    Your reader – Garrick.


    • Hi Garrick! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series, and I hope you like #4! I’m sorry I didn’t get your email, though – my email provider has been having problems lately so I suspect yours isn’t the only one to have slipped through the cracks. I’m changing providers, so I hope to be ‘back to normal’ soon. If you want to try emailing me again, I’ll keep my eyes open for your email. Thanks for taking the time to write!


  10. Diane: I love it when I find a great author! Y’all probably love it, too, because I wind my way through all your books, in order, if I can. (The first free or nearly free book is a great idea to get us hooked.) The two books I’ve read are well written, action packed, with good-guy characters I’d like to know in person. Now that you have multiples in the series, it would help if the electronic titles (for my Nook purchase) had (#2, #3, etc.) so I know I’m buying and reading in the right order.) Thank you for enjoyable mini-vacations! And, now, on to buy #3…


    • Hi Betsy – I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far! That’s a great suggestion about the numbering system – I didn’t realize the Nook versions didn’t include the series order in the titles. Thanks for letting me know.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to drop by and comment – your kind words made my day. :-) I hope you enjoy #3!


      • You’re welcome. Another positive comment? I love that you have written decent-sized books (300+ pages) where you rounded out character personalities and back stories with very little repetition within the book. I’m up to #7, and you’re writing is getting even better. Kudos!


  11. June Overdorf

    Loved your book Never Say Spy! Looking forward to the next one.


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